Australian Hyundai Ioniq 5 2023: 11kW AC charging rate test & can owner set max charging limit with app?

In their marketing Hyundai Australia promise that all versions of their Ioniq 5 (2023) electric car are capable of a 10.5kW AC charging rate. At home using a single phase 7kW charger the promised charging time from 10% to 100% is approximately 11hr... Read More

MG ZS EV Excite Review: 2005km Sydney to Melbourne return, compared with ZS EV Long Range test drive impressions

These are my thoughts after driving from Sydney to the Western suburbs of Melbourne return, in a MG ZS EV 2022 Excite model small electric SUV electric car, on 23rd and 24th December 2022 with an overnight stop over in Albury. The car contained 2... Read More

Australian Kia EV6 MY22 lacks hardware to enable battery conditioning mode TSB ELE291

Several Australian Kia EV6 MY22 owners told me recently that they’d contacted Kia Australia asking for a Kia Europe battery conditioning update to be applied to their cars because they wanted to speed up cold weather charging speed at DC Ultra... Read More

Australian Kia EV6 Air RWD 2022 (Long Range): AC charging rate tested at 7kW accommodation charger

In their marketing Kia Australia promises that the EV6 Air RWD 2022 electric car has an On Board Charger (OBC) maximum capacity of 10.5kW. Unfortunately I was not able to test that maximum speed at my usual local shopping centre AC charging station... Read More