Free NRMA Fast EV chargers being payment enabled, 10% discount for NRMA members

The NRMA will start charging for the use of it’s previously free electric car DC fast charging network progressively from 27th September.

This news will be warmly greeted by the Australian electric car driving community because while free is nice in theory, in reality it has often meant that people who are unaware of EV charger etiquette (or are simply rude) hog NRMA free chargers for hours and hours.

NRMA Jugiong DC Charger

The first locations where payment will be required are NRMA’s Sydney Olympic Park, Picton and Wallsend charging stations next week before gradually rolling out across the whole network during the next few months.

Pricing from 27th September 2023$/kWh
Chargers capable of up to 150kW0.54
Chargers capable of above 175kW0.59

Costs will vary from 54 cents/kW up to 150kW speed and 59 cents/kW above 175kW speed. Hopefully the 50kW locations get upgraded because the pricing is almost the same for slow and fast.

Once the payment system is rolled out across the whole network, a 10% discount will apply for NRMA members.

NRMA Holbrook Submarine Park DC Charger

It is unclear whether NRMA ultra fast chargers currently available through Chargefox will be moved over to the My NRMA app, with new pricing as well.

It is also unclear whether the really useful AC chargers often found at NRMA Parks and Resorts will be listed in the My NRMA app. I’ve found them handy during holidays but despite the Chargefox sticker, they are only publicised unofficially on Plugshare for some reason.

I am an NRMA member and as you can see from the photos I have used plenty of NRMA fast DC and slow AC chargers.

I look forward to using more NRMA chargers across the country as they increase their network with new locations. This rollout will be helped and maintenance costs better covered because now the chargers are earning revenue.

NRMA has built a regional charging network in partnership with State Governments and is now rolling out the National Highway EV charging network in partnership with the Australian Government.

Since its original social investment in 2017, the NRMA Electric charging network has been free to all electric vehicle users. The NRMA prioritised the roll-out of the network before seeking to apply costs to customers to give drivers confidence to consider an EV and get used to the charging process.

In order to charge at an NRMA charging station drivers will need to download the My NRMA app and complete payment through the App.

For details on how to pay, visit the NRMA website or download the My NRMA App on the Google Play Store or Apple App store.


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  1. The NRMA DCFC has been a lifesaver. Enabling me to drive to far off, outback NSW towns in my WV.

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