Driving EVs in the Real World – Neerav Bhatt elevate EV podcast chat with Bridie Schmidt

A few days ago I had a chat with Bridie Schmidt for her Elevate EV podcast. You can listen to the podcast or read the transcript below (automatically generated by Descript and lightly edited by me), with some of my photos and videos added for extra... Read More

Australian Polestar 2 2024 Long Range Dual Motor: 3 likes, 3 dislikes and 350kW Charge test video

I recently drove 356km in a Australian Long Range Dual Motor electric car around Sydney. There were lots of short less than 10km trips as well as a 140km drive from Marrickville to Mount Annan Botanic Gardens return and a 165km loop drive from... Read More

Australian Polestar 2 MY24: 11kW AC charging rate test & can owner set max charging limit with app?

In their marketing Polestar Australia promise that all versions of their Polestar 2 MY24 (2024 model) electric car are capable of a 11 kW AC charging time (3-phase 16A) AC charging rate. At home using a single phase 7kW charger the promised charging... Read More