Australian Polestar 2 MY24 – how much luggage and shopping fits in the boot and frunk?

If you’re wondering how much boot and frunk storage space the Australian Polestar 2 MY24 (2024 model) has, it’s listed as 407 litres cargo capacity with seats up, including under floor. The frunk does exist and holds 41 litres. 

The total storage space in this media loan for review Polestar 2 MY24 is very similar to the Hyundai Ioniq 6 competition which has 401 litres boot space with underfloor storage plus a 45 litre frunk (see my storage test of that EV).

However the Polestar space is available via a hatchback style boot lid whereas the Ioniq 6 space is available via a deep sedan style boot.

The hatchback style opening is easy to access and there are several ways to open it, I prefer to press the big hidden button (under the bumper above the licence plate).

The tailgate is powered with 2 handy buttons: one auto closes, the other auto closes and also locks the car.

Looking at the left side of the boot I noticed a 12V 120 watt Cigarette Lighter socket which is handy for a back dashcam or powering a esky to keep food chilled.

On the right side there is a netted area where you could keep things like sandy wet flip flops from the beach. Both sides have sturdy looking metal floor-mounted eyelets for attaching things to. The rear seats also have a ski hatch.

Should you load the boot with too much luggage or other items the tailgate will refuse to auto-close and bounce back up again.

That happened to me when I put all my test luggage in, I had to remove the adjustable boot floor and leave it inside the house to be able to fit everything in and still have the tailgate close.

I managed to fit in all my test luggage and still have space left on the side areas which is an excellent result:

  • 1 x bag underneath with my 7m Type 2 to Type 2 cable
  • 2 x medium sized suitcases
  • 2 x carry on luggage
  • 2 x backpacks

I didn’t do any big shopping trips while I had the car but did find the built-in flip up grocery bag holder handy (Plus Pack only).

There is an additional handy space (front trunk) that holds 41 litres under the bonnet.

This contains the included Polestar slow charger cable for standard wall sockets as well as a tire repair goop kit. There is still space left over for other things eg cleaning towels for the car or perhaps dirty shoes after playing sports.

All versions of the Polestar 2 MY24 have the same size front trunk regardless of being rear wheel drive or all wheel drive.


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