Australian Hyundai Ioniq 6 DYNAMIQ 2023: how much luggage and shopping fits in the boot and frunk?

If you’re wondering how much boot and frunk storage space the Australian Hyundai Ioniq 6 DYNAMIQ (2023 model) has, it’s listed as 401 litres cargo capacity VDA with back seats up.

In comparison with other cars built on the E-GMP platform (Hyundai Ioniq 5 527 litres, KIA EV6 490 litres, Genesis GV60 432 litres) the Ioniq 6 has the smallest amount of boot space and because it is a sedan with a swooping roof line the boot height is not much either.

Despite my media loan for review Ioniq 6 DYNAMIQ not having a huge boot by litre capacity I managed to fit in quite a bit in my tests detailed below.

What is lost in boot space is gained in plenty of front row and back row legroom space for car occupants, more on that in another article.

The powered boot lid opens to reveal a deep but not very high opening.

Note the two pull handles at top left and right of the boot opening for getting the back seats down. You can’t get the back seats down without opening the boot to access these handles.

The Ioniq 6 Dynamiq is rear wheel drive so it can offer a decent 45 litre capacity frunk to hold the standard home wall socket charging cable and the V2L adaptor.

Under the boot floor there is a big foam moulded part with a space for the tyre goo kit. If you remove the foam and put a thin liner cloth there instead you can create extra space for small dry light items.

Surprisingly at the right and left of the boot there are no cargo net hooks or a 12V cigarette lighter socket.

Despite the lack of boot height I managed to fit in all my test luggage listed below and was still able to close the boot lid:

  • 2 x medium sized suitcases
  • 2 x carry on luggage
  • 2 x backpacks
  • 7m Type 2 to Type 2 cable in blue bag.

On two other occasions while getting gardening supplies I managed to fit the following pictured items in:

  1. 6 x 50 litre bags of bark mulch
  2. 2x compressed sugarcane mulch blocks and a bag of potting mix.


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