Australian KIA EV6 Air 2022 (Long Range) – how much luggage fits in the boot?

If you’re wondering how much boot storage space the Australian KIA EV6 Air 2022 (Long Range) has it’s listed as 490 litres standard or 1270 litres with the back seats down.

In comparison with other cars built on the E-GMP platform (Hyundai Ioniq 5 527 litres, Hyundai Ioniq 6 401 litres, Genesis GV60 432 litres) the EV6 has one of the biggest boots.

The wide hatchback style opening is easy to access because the lid opens up so high.

There is an additional handy space (front trunk) that holds 52 litres under the bonnet which can fit the Kia 2.4kW charging cable and some other things eg cleaning towels for the car or perhaps dirty shoes after playing sports.

Note the front trunk is only useful for this rear wheel drive (RWD) Kia EV6 Air edition and the GT-Line RWD. The GT-Line AWD and GT AWD Dual Motor both only have a small 20L front trunk because of the front motor taking up space.

Underneath the boot floor is a small area where the Tire Mobility Kit is stored.

Looking at the left side of the boot I noticed a 12V 180 watt Cigarette Lighter socket which is handy for a back dashcam or powering a esky to keep food chilled.

Cleverly the boot floor height is adjustable as the Kia EV6 designers give you the choice of a flat floor aligned with the hatch opening to make carrying heavy things in and out easier or you can remove the boot floor lid and gain more space.

Onto the luggage storage test. Without removing the boot floor lid I couldn’t fit in all my test luggage and still manage to lock in the cargo cover. Speaking of which the EV6 cargo cover is fully retractable which is very handy so it doesn’t take up lots of room when you’re not using it.

Once the boot floor lid was removed I managed to fit in all my test luggage which is an excellent result:

  • 2 x medium sized suitcases
  • 2 x carry on luggage
  • 1 x bag with my 7m Type 2 to Type 2 cable
  • 1 x backpack

There was still enough height space to stash the boot floor lid before pulling and locking in the cargo cover.

Of course for a real road trip I would leave the boot floor lid at home instead of driving it around unnecessarily.


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  1. I have also managed to fit a medium suitcase upright behind drivers seat…to get three suitcases and three passengers

  2. Neerav Bhatt

    Thanks for that tip Gary

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