Australian Hyundai Ioniq 6 2023: 3 phase AC charging rate test & can owner set max charging limit with app?

In their marketing Hyundai Australia promises that all versions of the Ioniq 6 2023 electric car are capable of Three Phase 10.5kW maximum AC charging rate. At home using a single phase 7kW charger the promised charging time from 10% to 100% is 11hrs... Read More

Australian Genesis GV60 Performance AWD 2023 Review: 3 likes & 3 dislikes, most comfortable electric car I’ve ever driven

I recently drove 322km in a Australian Genesis GV60 Performance AWD electric car around Sydney. There were lots of short less than 10km trips as well as as longer trips to the Northern edges of Sydney at Cowan and Riverstone. In Australia the Genesis... Read More