Discounted 10-15% off Evie Public Charging Vouchers – are they worth it?

I was looking at the Hyundai online accessories store a few days ago and noticed that they sell discounted Evie charging vouchers!

I wondered can anyone buy these? Eg people like me who don’t have home charging and have to use public chargers all the time.

Or just existing Hyundai EV owners?

Or just people buying a new Hyundai EV and bundling the voucher with it?

Evie Sutton Forest 350kW

So I asked my media contact at Hyundai Australia and this is what they told me:

“Confirming anyone can purchase the EVIE Vouchers, they do not need to be a Hyundai customer. Customers can also purchase these vouchers as part of the build of the vehicles if they go through the IONIQ shop journey to purchasing a car”.

$1000 of public charging a year is 1470.58kWh at $0.68/kWh which is the Evie price for their fastest chargers.

If your EV averages say 17kWh/100km then to use 1470.58kWh you’d have to drive at least 8650km a year and only use the faster Evie chargers (150kW or 350kW, not 50kW) in order to use up a $1000 of Evie charging credit.

These are your options for discounted EVIE prepaid credit bought from the Hyundai Australia online store:

The question is whether this deal is worth it?

Yes – If you can’t charge at home (like me) and most of the public chargers near you are Evie (like anyone living in the Inner West Council in Sydney).

Yes – If you have a novated EV lease, drive a lot, use a lot of Evie public chargers and using this prepaid credit will make your life easier by not having to keep track of each separate charging invoice. Check with your accountant if this is OK with the ATO.

Yes – if you’ll definitely finish the credit before it expires.

No – If you charge at home or at work 95% of the time and only use public fast chargers during holidays.

No – If you don’t have at least $1000 in spare cash to spend to prepay for charging credit

No – if you don’t drive enough km/year and won’t be able to always/mostly use Evie chargers to fill your car battery

Evie Bairnsdale 50kW


2 responses to “Discounted 10-15% off Evie Public Charging Vouchers – are they worth it?”

  1. Why not the 50kw chargers? Are they priced out differently?

  2. Neerav Bhatt

    Yes the 50kW chargers cost a bit less. So you’d need to fill up your EV even more kW from them to be able to use up a voucher within the expiry period

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