Evie chargers trial tap credit/debit/EFTPOS pay for 5c extra/kWh

Evie Belrose is one of the first locations in the Australian Evie public DC fast electric charging network to be enabled with a new tap n pay option which allows you to use a credit / debit / EFTPOS card to pay for your EV car charging.

As you can see in the photos below emailed to me by a Tesla driver (credit: Sir Surfalot), the new payment option costs 5c more/kWh (plus a temporary pre-authorisation charge of $50) compared to if you paid via the Evie app or an Evie RFID card.

Evie Tap & Go pricing is as follows:

55c per kWh at fast chargers (50kW?)
65c per kWh at super-fast chargers (150kW?)
70c per kWh at highway ultra-fast chargers (350kW?)

Personally I’d start the charging process via my Evie RFID card, pay less and not have the $50 temporary authorisation charge on my card.

However it is really great that Evie is trialling credit / debit / EFTPOS card payment option for people who don’t want to use EV charging apps or RFID cards. It will make charging easier for non technical EV drivers.

Chris Mills the CEO of electric car charging network company Evie Networks recently told APAC Outlook that:

“Evie Networks is now in the rollout phase of implementing credit card use via readers at its sites. Currently, customers download the app, enter their credit card details, then Evie Networks sends a radio frequency identification (RFID) card to verify the customer’s identity. However, not everyone wants to become a member, so the company remains in the process of testing the readers.”

I asked Evie PR for comment but they couldn’t say anything beyond “Evie will have more news around the credit card trial in January”.


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