Thanks Engie & Tesla: 11 new Canberra fast CSS 2 chargers for non Tesla EV drivers

Last week there were Zero DC chargers at speeds 150kW and above available to residents of Canberra who owned a non Tesla electric car or for tourists visiting the nation’s capital in a non Tesla EV.

Today August 30th 2023 that has changed significantly thanks to Engie/Chargefox and Tesla.

Engie has installed 6 new charging plugs at the Royal Australian Mint, available through the Chargefox network.

Five are CCS 2 usable by the vast majority of Australian EV’s and One is CHAdeMo which will probably be only used by Nissan Leafs and EV’s imported from Japan.

Thanks to BMW iX1 2023 owner Brent and his doggo 🙂 for sending me great photos and pointing out a clever observation:

“The chargers look like they are dynamic depending on the available capacity – when I arrived they said 75kW, and at the end they said 150k”.

As a side note the Royal Australian Mint is well worth visiting whether you’re young or old. Here are some photos from my visit in 2022, the displays include everything from Sydney Olympics medals to examples of Australia’s first coins made from Spanish dollars.

By coincidence today Tesla announced that owners of all Australian EV brands which use CCS 2 charging would be allowed access to six Tesla 250kW superchargers at South Point Tuggeranong, as part of opening up 25 more Tesla charging locations across Australia to any EV driver using CCS 2.

Together across Chargefox and Tesla charging networks the new availability of these 11 CCS 2 ultra fast chargers will make public rapid charging much easier for residents of Canberra who own a non Tesla electric car and also tourists visiting the nation’s capital in a non Tesla EV.


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