MG4 2023 Australia FAQ: LFP or NMC Battery, OTA updates, Regen, Service Intervals, Oil leaks, Tyres, AM Radio etc

While attending the Australian media launch and briefing about the new MG4 electric hatchback I asked a lot of the frequently asked questions from potential buyers.

I noted down answers from MG which are listed below mixed in with my comments. The answers are not all direct quotes.

How much stock is there?

At the event an MG spokesperson said they are confident that 3000 customers can get behind the wheel of the MG4 before Christmas 2023.

Are the MG4 batteries LFP or NMC?

Both and for a good reason LFP is cheaper and can charge to 100% all the time with no worries but it’s heavier and charges slower especially when cold. The full explanation is below.

The MG4 EV comes in 3 versions (51kWh, 64kWh and 77kWh Long Range) and offers 2 different types of battery: Standard Range Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) for the 51kWh and Long Range Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) for 64kWh and 77kWh.

NMC batteries have more watt-hours of capacity than LFP when both have the same amount of mass.

In other words, pack the same shape of both battery chemistries into a cell and the NMC has a significantly higher capacity and charging speed meaning more range and less anxiety.

Will the MG4 have over the air updates like Polestar, BYD and Tesla?

None of the MG range available in Australia currently offers over the air updates, however the next software update for the MG4 (applied by an MG dealer) will include some over the air abilities for the new model.

EDIT: more information is at MG4 Australia software updates FAQ: MG spokesperson explains details.

What brand and size of tyres does the Australian MG4 have?

At the media event some display cars had Continental Premium Contact C tires and others had Bridgestone tyres (I found an explanation why). Either way both are good brands.

Excite spec gets 17″ size and Essence spec gets 18″ size.

Will the MG4 have AM radio as the ZS EV doesn’t?

Both the ZS EV and MG4 do not offer AM radio due to the static from electromagnetic interference related to electric motors.

You can listen to your favourite AM stations in three ways: (1) Digital radio if you live in an urban coverage area; (2) tune into a simulcast on FM if available (3) stream through your smartphone using mobile data.

The MG4 is rated 5 stars by ANCAP, will other future MG models follow?

MG say they are constantly pushing the envelope and striving to be better, lighter and more efficient. They point out the safety benefits from the MG Pilot driver assistance systems. 

They say while not all of their vehicles will be ANCAP tested, those that are yet to be tested will still carry as many safety features as possible for their price point.

You can watch the full video of MG4 ANCAP crash tests below.

Has MG found a fix for the MG4 UK 2022 gearbox oil leak?

Yes the breather height has been increased to accommodate for the heat capacity and resolves the leak.

The 2022 UK variant had some issues with the rubber under guard, has this been resolved for Australian spec in 2023?

Yes MG has worked with the factory to resolve this and new models have an updated rubber under guard.

Will Australian models already be updated to fix the Lock In issue which caused a recall in the UK?

This has been fixed in the UK during early 2023 and for all MG4’s sold in Australia.

According to the UK regulator: on affected UK MG4 2022 vehicles there was a potential to super lock whilst still in running mode when the vehicle came to a stop. The doors were locked and couldn’t be opened by the interior/exterior handles, the remote key was disabled and the windows wouldn’t function.

I’m tall will I be able to drive the MG4 comfortably?

Don’t worry, I’m tall as well at 191cm and I fitted in easily. With the driver seat pushed back there was lots of room for me.

However if your family has tall adults and tall children get them all to sit in an MG4 at a dealer to see if the back seat passengers have enough leg room to enjoy longer drives comfortably.

Are the settings saved for drive mode or do I need to reset it every time? Does one pedal mode need to be reset?

Both one pedal mode and preferred driving modes (‘Eco’, ‘Sport’ etc) need to be switched on every trip as it’ll revert back to default after turning off and locking the car.

While this is annoying, on the plus side MG Australia clearly realise Aussies want to be able to change these settings easily so you can set the left * and right * buttons on the steering wheel to select Drive mode and Regen level. 

Are the ISOFIX points easy to use?

Obviously I didn’t have a car seat to test at the launch but the ISOFIX slots look like they’ll be easy to use and are covered by a handy fabric patch when not in use.

Does the MG4 have grab handles above the doors?

Yes it does but not for the driver, only for the front passenger and back passengers. This makes it easier for back passengers to exit the car or hold while bouncing on bumpy/curvy roads . It’s also useful to hang items eg: a suit if you’re on the way to an event.

What about the X-Power?

MG said it will be launched in Australia before the end of 2023 but they could not comment on pricing, colours etc. I suspect it will be classic MG racing green.

Does it support V2L?

Yes. The adaptor costs an additional $249 in Australia and $279 in NZ.The MG V2L adaptor is limited to 2.5kW output.

What are service costs for the MG4?

MG’s “Precise Price Service” conducted through their authorised dealer network is as follows:

40,000km       80,000km120,000km160,000km200,000km
24 months48 months72 months96 months120 months

Video overview

If you like Video car overviews have a look at this one by independent Australian YouTuber Chris Vanderstock who also attended the MG Australia media briefing about the MG4.

Also NZ car salesman and respected MG expert Jerry Pan has a great walk around overview as well as a short point of view drive video worth watching.


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