MG4 2023 Australia FAQ: LFP or NMC Battery, OTA updates, Regen, Service Intervals, Oil leaks, Tyres, AM Radio etc

While attending the Australian media launch and briefing about the new MG4 electric hatchback I asked a lot of the frequently asked questions from potential buyers. I noted down answers from MG which are listed below mixed in with my comments. The... Read More

Tourists visiting Australia can install Evie & Chargefox electric car charging apps on Android & iPhone from NZ UK USA China India etc

Just before Christmas 2022 I met some European tourists who were upset because they couldn’t refill their electric cars at Chargefox and Evie Networks EV chargers. The problem at that time was that Chargefox and Evie mobile apps wouldn’t... Read More

Australian Hyundai Ioniq 5 2023: 11kW AC charging rate test & can owner set max charging limit with app?

In their marketing Hyundai Australia promise that all versions of their Ioniq 5 (2023) electric car are capable of a 10.5kW AC charging rate. At home using a single phase 7kW charger the promised charging time from 10% to 100% is approximately 11hr... Read More