Australian MG4 full list of Voice Commands: radio, volume, aircon, music, sat nav and more

Many Australians who purchase the MG4 Essence 64, Long Range 77 or XPower might not realise that the car supports built-in voice control with a huge list of possible commands, completely independent of whether you use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

I found out how to enable Voice Commands and the full list of commands which are detailed below.

The voice commands are not available for Australian MG4 Excite 51 and Excite 64.

To enable the Voice Control function the MG4 driver has to agree to the EULA to enable iSmart and enable the slider for Voice in the Privacy Notice on the infotainment screen. I also suggest you enable the slider for Map (built-in Sat Nav) and Online Music.

There is a full list of commands below which I found out about while testing an MG4 Essence 64 media loan car last week, it’s worth saving this list on your phone or printing a copy to put in your glovebox.

Once you’ve done that Voice commands for your MG4 can be initiated by either of 2 methods:

  1. Speak: Hi MG <then one of the commands below>
  2. Press the Voice Assist button on the steering wheel and <then one of the below commands>

Reader Richard Hodgson sent in this tip:

“Not being able to access voice control in certain Drive modes was due to my pressing the Voice button for too long. A quick press gets the MG voice. A marginally longer press tells the MG that you want to access either Android Auto or Apple Carplay voice”.

“In my case my smart phone wasn’t connected so when I mistakenly longer-pressed the Voice button nothing happened. So remember, to get the MG voice control a very short quick press of the Voice button is required.”







Play Radio / Play FM Radio
Play 106.5 FM (Station Frequency)
Play favourite radio station
Save this station as favourite
Remove this station from favourite
Pause radio
Next station
Previous station


















Make screen the maximum level of brightness
Make screen brighter
Lower brightness
Make screen the darkest
Increase the volume
Volume Down
Volume maximum
Volume minimum
First page
Last page
Previous page
Next page
Go to page 2
Pause radio
AC on
AC off
Temperature up
Temperature down
Maximum temperature
Minimum temperature
Raise temperature by 2 degrees
Lower temperature by 2 degrees
Set temperature to 22 degrees
Increase fan speed
Decrease fan speed
Highest fan speed
Lowest fan speed
Find charging station
Check remaining range
What is the remaining charge
Open settings






Pause music
Resume music
Next song
Previous song
Loop all
Repeat all
Single loop
Repeat song









Open map
Zoom in the map
Zoom out the map
Switch to navigation
Find (hospital, restaurant, petrol station)
Set home address
Set office address
Go home
Go to office
Zoom in the map to maximum
Reset map zoom level
Where am I
Cancel route
Switch to fastest route
Switch to avoiding tollway route



Call Dad (contact)
Call back


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