MG Australia confirms current range of cars “fully galvanised”

I recently asked my media contact at MG Australia are all MG ICE and electric cars currently sold in Australia fully galvanised, so they won’t have any rust issues?

An MG Australia spokesperson got back to me today and said:

“The current range of MG Vehicles sold in Australia and NZ are fully galvanised.”

“Galvanised steel is electroplated with a zinc coating to prevent and minimise corrosion. We provide our customers with peace of mind through a 7 year, unlimited kilometre warranty that includes an anti perforation warranty that is applicable to all new MG vehicles including the ZS EV (range), MG3 and HS models”.

“Additionally, all our warranty offerings cover unlimited mileage and come with a clearly outlined warranty policy statement available on MG Motor Australia’s website.”

My question to MG was prompted by the recent worry recently amongst current and potential Australian purchasers of BYD Atto 3 electric cars about whether their car model potentially had rust issues.

BYD Australia addressed these worries as follows:

“The process undertaken when rustproofing all BYD models during production is of the highest global standards utilising the latest technological processes. Underpinning the quality manufacturing process of the body is a 6 years/150,000km factory warranty on the vehicle body for the BYD ATTO3 model in both Australia and New Zealand.”


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