MG ZS EV spare tire: how to get one and store it in the boot

Almost all new electric car (and many petrol/diesel) models sold in Australia don’t have a spare tire.

However that didn’t stop a curious Aussie MG ZS EV 2022 owner from wondering if a spare tire could fit under the removable boot floor.

If you look at the photos below you’ll realise why they had this idea, there’s clearly a tire shaped recess in the body of the ZS EV under the boot floor.

That’s because the MG ZS EV is built on the same platform design as the petrol MG ZS.

MG has moulded some foam and used the space to store their home wall socket charger cable, a tire goo sealant kit etc but you can remove all that and store these elsewhere if you want to.

Back to the curious ZS EV owner.

They visited a local auto recycler and found a spare wheel – brand new with its little protective “shower cap” still on it (tyre and rim) from a MG HS Hybrid as well as the jack kit in it’s original polystyrene holder from a separate written off petrol MG ZS.

The MG owner told me that both fit perfectly on their MG ZS EV wheel and in the boot.

The removable boot floor can still fit in the lowest position and this EV owner now has no more flat tyre worries.

There are bound to be people who say they don’t need a spare tire and it just adds extra weight but for any Aussie MG ZS EV driver who just wants peace of mind or lives/drives far from where roadside assistance is available, this is a great idea.

Obviously everyone isn’t going to be lucky enough to find a spare tire and jack from written off petrol MG ZS/HS models at their local car wreckers.

Other options to source a compatible spare tire are to buy a new ZS EV compatible tire either individually or as part of a group buy if you can find a few other ZS EV owners who also want to get a spare.

Note: Yes for many years there have been ICE (internal combustion engine) cars in the market that do not have a spare tire, this is especially common in European cars.

Sure there are some people who are happy not to carry a spare tire but I wish all car manufacturers designed a wheel well under the boot so owners have the option to store a spare if they want to.


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