How I Earn Lots Of Money By Blogging

The Road to Blogging Success

Published: May ’07. Updated June ’08.

I’m writing this article because when I tell people that I Blog for a living, very few people understand what I mean because it’s so different to the average 9am-5pm office job. Also after I was listed in the Top 100 Australian Blogs Index several people asked me how much I earnt from my blogs.

Another reason is to show that you can be successful in business while still having fun doing work and knowing that you’re helping lots of people learn useful information.

After doing outsourced web development/SEO/Web standards work for several years, in mid 2004 I decided to put my skills and broad general knowledge to good use by writing blog articles at my Rambling Thoughts Blog and monetising them through Google Adsense and other internet advertising/sponsorship income streams.

Over time this income grew and by mid-2005 it reached the point many people dream about when it earnt me enough to make blogging my day job by itself and enabled me to quit doing IT contract work except for projects that I actually enjoyed working on.

In 2007 I launched a 2nd blog called the Road Less Travelled in order to split articles between the 2 blogs by category, leverage the benefits of inter-linking articles and be able to design a blog purpose built for usability and accessibility.

Three key things to note are:

  1. Some people have asked me if I’m a “5 figure Pro-blogger” does that mean I earn maybe $10,000 – $20,000? While I obviously won’t reveal exact earnings lets just say that blogging related earnings for 2007-2008 look like they’ll easily be closer to $100,000 than $10,000
  2. Having a Business Computing degree from University and experience in the web development industry meant I didn’t have to pay anyone for web hosting, design or modifying PHP/MySQL and other code because I could do it all myself. Also when I went “Pro” I already had the business skills to do effective sales and marketing, set prices properly,handle invoicing, make people pay my bills etc. These were big advantages
  3. It took well over a year and many hundreds of hours if not 1000+ hrs of experimentation with blog design and writing in-depth content before I started earning a half decent income from my blogs. When looked at in isolation my current working hours require little work for lots of money, but just remember this doesn’t take into account the early work which involves a lot of hours for little money.

Blogging Revenue Sources (Last 12 Months in Australian $)

Google Adsense1. $XXXXX (5 Figures)

The majority of my income from Google is via Adsense for Content and the rest is from Adsense for Search

Pretty much all bloggers use Google Adsense because it’s a relatively good option for lazy people who add it to their blogging template and then forget about it. However from talking to staff at Google’s Sydney office I know these kinds of people only get click through rates of 1-2% whereas my click through rate is in the double digits.

Each blog design is different so instead of just using the default Google ad settings or copying what someone else is doing, do what I did and try many different variations of Google Ad sizes, colours etc before you find the ones which work best for you.

One issue with Google Adsense is that the income is earnt in $US dollars and converted at the end of each month to your local currency (in my case Australian dollars). The problem is that if your currency rises in value against the $US dollar then you get less money in your bank account. For example

If $US 75c buys $AUS 1 than $US100 earnt from Adsense = $AUS 133.00 🙂

If $US 85c buys $AUS 1 than $US100 earnt from Adsense = $AUS 117.64 🙁

My Adsense earnings during the last 12 months have been charted below [without the actual numbers of course 🙂 ]

My Adsense Earnings

EDIT: Problogger Darren Rowse just responded to my comment about currency risk by email:

yeah – the currency thing is something I’ve very aware of – but to be honest it’s something I’d never done anything about. I just cash the cheques as they come in and accept direct deposits as they arrive. I’m sure there’s a smarter way – but I’ve been so busy I never worked out what to do.

Hand Shake2. Direct Private Sponsorship Deals, $XXXXX (5 Figures)

This is a booming area with the biggest prospects for revenue growth, but the vast majority of bloggers don’t seem to target it.

For example to quote Problogger Darren Rowse from one of his recent articles: “I don’t do a lot of private ad deals (it’s something I should focus upon more but there are only so many hours in the day)”

What he says is true, negotiating direct private sponsorship deals is not easy, can be quite time consuming and requires you to accept different payment types and give the sponsor a proper legal invoice. However when it works it’s the best blogging income source by far and a 3 way Win-Win-Win situation as explained in the example below:

Interestingly since I wrote the paragraph above which I’ve now cancelled out, Darren has moved towards selling more ads directly and it’s become a significant earner for him.

For example, Amber Promotions advertise their exclusive Top Gear Merchandise on my article reviewing the Top Gear TV show when new Series of Top Gear are running on SBS in Australia.

a. For the Sponsor – they have tight control over their sponsorship (image, text link ad, banner etc) and get a fixed price per month/quarter/6 months with discounts for several months pre-payment.

b. For the Blog Readers – They had previously asked me where to buy Top Gear merchandise so now they have a direct link to do so by clicking on the sponsored photo of a Top Gear Tshirt. The key here is that the sponsored image is directly relevant to fans of the show so they don’t think of it as an ad.

c. For me – The sponsorship from Amber Promotions earns me a solid recurring income stream.

Text-Link-Ads (TLA) Over $1000 (4 Figures)

I DO NOT recommend Text-Link-Ads (TLA). I recently closed my account with them in the middle of the month and they did not pay me a pro-rata 50% of the link income for that month

Also recently a lot of bloggers had their pagerank reduced for selling paid links through Text-Link-Ads, another good reason not to sign up with them.

Also TLA take too much of the revenue (50% for them and 50% for the blogger) which is why I now sell all of my sponsored links directly.

Another problem with TLA is that once you sell a link to a sponsor their price is fixed forever as long as they renew each month, even if your site gets really popular improves in Page Rank and attracts a lot more traffic. This is bad for the blogger and bad for TLA because if you’ selling a product/service which is consistently improving over time than it makes business sense to renegotiate prices every 6-12 months.

When I asked TLA why this was so their Inventory Manager Brock Boser replied:

Sorry but we guarantee our clients that they will stay at the same price if they keep renewing.

Commission Monster3. Over $1000 (4 Figures)

Commission Monster is an Australian company with the widest range of Australian companies offering affiliate programs. Their email support is pretty good, payout percentages for sales and flat payments for leads are competitive and their website affiliate statistics are top notch.

I’ve tried many of the Commission Monster affiliate programs but the only successful ones have been highly targeted to a specific product eg: my review of the iRiver T30 MP3 player.

The one flaw with Commission Monster is that the money you earn will take 60-90 days to be paid to you. For example if you earn $50 in affiliate sales during January, you won’t get paid until the first week of April. Want to earn revenue from your website? Become a Commission Monster affiliate and reach your full online potential

4. Other Affiliate Programs, $XXX (3 Figures)

I’ve tried several other affiliate systems like and Auction Ads but they haven’t been successful. I suspect they only work on web sites which concentrate on product reviews like Darren Rowses digital photography blog

4 Unexpected Benefits of Blogging

New Knowledge – Often my readers contribute far more in their comments than my initial article and help each other answer questions which is really great eg:

people together

Consulting Job Offer – Being your own boss is great but it’s nice to mix solo work with group work and also be able to use your skills on projects with large organisations which you can’t win on your own.

Thanks to the reputation I’d built up through my blogs I received several job offers in early/mid 2007 and I was able to negotiate working 2 days/week part-time on the days of my choice as an SEO/Internet Marketer for a Sydney Advertising agency. That position lasted for 9 months in which time I learnt a lot and made many useful contacts.

Increased Profile – Australia is a relatively small place compared to the rest of the Internet and Sydney where I live has the largest population of any Australian city (about 20% of Australians live there) so when my blog post reviewing TV coverage of the Cricket World Cup got a lot of attention it ended up in my being interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper and even being quoted in Cricinfo!

Also I suspect that one of the reasons I was pre-selected as a Greens party candidate at the 2007 State and Federal elections was because of my youth and strong profile on the Internet.

Invitation to Charity Sailing Regatta – One of the companies I reviewed on my blog asked me to join their customer advocate panel and as part of that I was invited to lunch at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia and participate in a handicap race on their sponsored yacht “Spirit” an International America’s Cup Class Yacht (IACC) designed by Iain Murray for Australia’s 1992 America’s Cup Challenge in San Diego.

How Much Does Blogging Cost Me?

In terms of promotional advertising, I spend $0 🙂

In terms of time usually 15-20 hrs /week. However if I’m doing a major site revamp or researching to pre-write a lot of articles than this can take 60hrs+/week. On the flip side if I’m really busy with other projects or personal stuff than I’ll spend perhaps 5 hrs/week just to reply to emails and moderate comments made on the blogs.

Otherwise there are general office costs like Broadband Internet, Printer and Stationery, Accounting Software, Backup Hard Disk and Imaging software and the cost of public transport for meetings and getting to places where I’m going to review an event/product/service.

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  1. nice post – it’s great to see how different bloggers make their livings and I find it fascinating that no two bloggers are exactly the same in how they rank their income streams.

    My different blogs all have different rankings.

    On my product blogs I find AdSense and Chitika are best with Amazon and Auction Ads coming in after that. Yet on blogs like ProBlogger the direct sales and affiliate programs are way better performing.

    The key is to keep experimenting with positions, different ad networks and see what works best.

    Anyway – great to hear it’s going so well for you!


  2. very informative post.. I read the article and then the comment, only to notice at the end Darren Rowse and then had to read the comment again 🙂 just to make sure it was actually Darren writing that comment 🙂 I didn’t think he had the time to visit blogs and write comments!! (okay i haven’t even checked whose blog I am reading so may be Darren is you friend =)) but in any case, very useful blog.. would be visiting again.. thanks

    EDITOR: thanks Pearl

    Informative is the perfect word to describe my aim to help people find information that’s useful in their day to day lives.

    If you want to keep up with updates, the easiest way is to subscribe to my RSS feed (subscription link is at the top right corner of all blog pages)

  3. Kathie Thomas

    Great to read and thank you. I’ve never really thought about how people earn money from blogging but knew that people do. I’ve just come back from a meeting with my business coach who is urging me to look at the next step in my business and that is to turn my writing into an income stream and look at add-ons for my business. So obviously this is something I need to look at more seriously and perhaps your blog has now given me the starting point, or stepping stone. Thanks!

    EDITOR: no problems. If you have any questions feel free to ask me

  4. subscribed to the RSS feed .. thanks..

  5. It’s great that you are able to earn a full time income from blogging. I’m earning around minimum wage from my blogs which I plan to double in the next year. It’s been a very slow process but I’d much rather be blogging than doing the 9-5, that’s for sure.

    EDITOR: Are you at an earnings level where you need to run your blogging as a legitimate business?

  6. Greetings from Canada.

    I’m surprised at this business of blogging for a business. I started my blog as a way of trying to connect with people and, hopefully, help some of them. It’s never occurred to me to actually try to make money from blogging.

    Do you suppose it’s possible for someone technologically challenged (i.e. me) to actually get somewhere with this?

    Any warnings or other nuggets of wisdom for us little ones swimming in this big blogosphere?

    EDITOR: My main point would be that very few people earn much from their blogs and even fewer earn a substantial amount over a long period.

    Being “technologically challenged” would not be a good indicator for future success so if you enjoy what you’re doing now than stick to it and don’t worry about blogging for money.

  7. I can’t wait until my blog is making enough money for people to care what my sources of income are. I think it’s great to disclose your sources so others can find new and interesting ways to make money.


    EDITOR: no problems.

  8. Just surfed in, it’s nice to see others making enough money from blogging to quit their day jobs! It proves to others that it can be done. Not everyone has to be a Darren Rowse or John Chow to make enough to live off of (of course, that wouldn’t hurt either)

    Nice Post,


  9. I enjoy blogging, but I don’t make much money off of it. I have thought about starting a niche blog and trying to earn a small income off of it…I just haven’t found the right niche that I would enjoy blogging about (yet) … 🙂

    EDITOR: make sure you enjoy it otherwise you’ll lose enthusiasm after a while

  10. I think the real trick is to find your killer app. It’s so hard to tell what type of advertising your readers will appreciate. Unless, of course, you happen to target a very specific niche.

  11. That adsense growth is quite impressive. From zero to to 5 figures in less than a year, I’m impressed.

  12. I’m also impressed with your Adsense figures! I’ve just set up my new design blog. I’ve only made 2.50 so far!
    Oh well all good things come to those who wait!

    EDITOR: Thats a very good point. For most people it takes 6-12 months to build up lots of links and an archive of lots of quality articles before their adsense revenue really starts rising

  13. Hey, this is very intressting, thanks a lot.

  14. I’m totally exited when I read your post about blogging to make money. Actually, I also enjoy to blog but I didn’t think to make such a huge amount of money through blogging. Right now, I will change my mind and thanks for your article.

    EDITOR: Please don’t take my article that way:

    It takes time to build a profitable blog. You do not just become a Professional Blogger anymore than you just become a Professional Golfer. It is not a decision you make, it is something you work towards over time.

    – excerpt from ProBlogger Public Service Announcement

  15. I’m working on three different sites that each connect in some way to what I enjoy reading about: me, evil/mean/bad people, and reviews.

    I do think it’s completely unrealistic to go out, slap a personal blog up and make a bunch from Adsense ads. That’s why (after I figure out which of my blogs should be the “head blog” that the others are subsidiary to) I’m going for the long haul, improving my writing and technical skills, backlinks and fellow blogger network.

    EDITOR: that seems a sound approach to me. My bet is that the review site is most successful

  16. Great article. It really shows how various income sources can come together to build income. Of course, there needs to be great content that brings people back over and over again too, but that’s kind of assumed.

  17. Interesting how you got your blog to the top notch. As a blogger myself, I understand the passion of writing and expressing oneself through the English language.

  18. I am definitely going to try the Direct Private Sponsorship Deals and Commission Monster. They seem to be quite profitable. Thanks for the info.

  19. It’s great to see you are making good money blogging. Thanks for the breakdown!

  20. Nice post … and congrats for your earnings. It’s always nice to read something like this.

  21. Hey, that’s one of the better tutorials (with REAL NUMBERS) that I’ve seen for monetizing
    a blog….

    Have you submitted this to Digg or the Carnivals? I’m sure they would digg it..

  22. I’ve never realised the importance of Direct Private Sponsorship deals. Thanks for driving that point home. I only wonder just how much traffic (# of unique visitors per day) is needed before one can look at this revenue stream. I’ve got a couple site that are doing 70-100 per day, and am about to start adding some type of advertising (right now I have virtually none)… perhaps Adsense is the way to go.

  23. Great write up. It’s always nice to see others go into detail on whats making money for them, while helping others in the process.

  24. That was really a nice post. I have one blog but I never thought about this kind of things. Nice things mentioned there.

  25. Great article, and very useful. If you can get double-digit click through rates on adsense, maybe you should go into the consulting business on ad placement and strategies!

    EDITOR: who says i’m not doing that already 😉

  26. Hi

    I was very interested to read how you can earn a steady income stream from blogging. I am very new to this and I have experimented with different Google Ad placings but am keen to maximise profit. Could anyone please give me any tips?

  27. I’ve dabbled with adsense but never really made much income from it, i guess i don’t get enough visitors to my blog… With some of my other sites i’ve gone down the affiliate network route and that has been my biggest online earner.

  28. congrats for your earnings. It’s always nice to read something like this.

  29. Any Australian readers who are earning enough money to get noticed by the tax department should read Blogpond’s post The Business of Blogging to learn some basic info about setting up a small business

  30. i am not at your level yet, but i think i will be one day. i love my niche because its actually something i enjoy.

  31. Great to hear that. I hope to reach that target soon too 🙂

    EDITOR: it’s good to aim high but remember that good things take time

  32. Hi,
    I just wanted to say thank you for linking to this post in the comments section of On Blogging Australia. I started blogging about a year ago, seriously blogging (like more than a few posts a month) around July this year and around October I finally discovered a whole new world of blogging out there I didn’t even know existed. Now I’ve just moved to a self-hosted wordpress blog and feel ready to “take on the world”. Okay, that’s an exageration but I’m trying to learn as much as I can.

    Do you still think adsense is a reliable income source? It seems like a lot of little bloggers who’ve taken a long time to build up enough money for a payout are getting their accounts closed with little or no explanation just as they get close to their $100 minimum.

    EDITOR: Hi Lightening

    Adsense is reliable and definitely a good place to start for most bloggers.

    I can tell you that I’ve earnt a lot of money from Adsense (tens of $1000’s in total) and Google has never missed a payment

    99.999% of people who get their Adsense accounts shut will have been punished for breaking the Google AdSense Programme Policies,
    no other reason.

    Remember that everyone starts by earning very little, my first Adsense month got me US$0.16 and now I make $1000’s a month from Adsense alone. Good luck 🙂

  33. I bet you that you made all this money with a LOT of traffic. I wish my blog had the kind of traffic yours does. for all the others who feel the same, i wrote a post at my blog about some quick tips for making money

    I think its great you leave nofollow off.

    PS: That adsense is impressive

    EDITOR: thanks Steve

    FYI I make the advertising money from about 2,000,000 (2 million) page views of traffic per year across both my blog sites

    I do leave nofollow off to give link benefit to comment contributors but I have recently installed a plugin called Lucia’s Linky Love which turns off nofollow only after someone has made several comments over a period of a few weeks at least

    This rewards the real blog readers with nofollow turned off links and discourages comment spammers

  34. I am new to the blogging industry so it was nice to be able to find such a comprehensive review of what to expect in this industry. I’m not into blogging as a profession but I would like to make some side income. Any suggestions on the best way to do that?

  35. First of all, congrats on your achievement.
    I think you should also add Commission Junction as one of your affiliate networks. I believe CJ has more affiliate programs than Commission Monster, most importantly, CJ’s commission payout is on net30/60.

    All the best, and keep up blogging. Never stop trying new programs/methods

    EDITOR: CJ is US centric so its not much use for an Australian blog

  36. I find this article very helpful.

    This will come very handy as I am going to launch a new blog by June. I never thought there were several other ways o monetize a blog. I guess this things are very possible so long as you provide good content and able to draw in a lot of traffic.

    Kudos to your blog buddy! Hope to have the same success in the future 😉

  37. Its true with blog u can make a living. Im doing it for almost 2 years and it really paid off. Some people said its an easy money but for me a lot of hard work is involved to make it work. Hard work and fully dedication into blogging is needed here.

  38. Wowsers, that is a lot of cash. you should definitely post more about how you got to this point… how long it took you… what you did to get here. I just started my own blog and it would be nice to have some data to compare mine to.

  39. Well done for building such a successful business out of your blogging! Were you always focused on this outcome (ie making a living with your blog) or did you just strat doing it for fun? All the best for the future!

    EDITOR: I started just for fun to learn about the technologies involved and also to store some of my ideas and knowledge online in case I forgot them. thanks 🙂

  40. Abi Bakar

    I think we can no longer to continue lay down our financial hope to Adsense for monetizing blog for Adsense is no longer fast source to gain big money quickly, it happens to me just now when i saw my report on adsense today…i received only about 5 bucks for over 100 clicks.

  41. hi neerav..

    have just seen the ten news preview for tonight.. grats! (hope i didn’t get it wrong 🙂 )


  42. Great post and it gave me a lot of hope to continue blogging. Hope to reach the point when I can say goodbye to the day job i am having. Thanks

  43. I have been blogging for awhile but unfortunately it I haven’t got the readership necessary to grow my earnings through adsense and the like. While I did manage to get a PR4 ranking on two of my blogs, Google thought justified to penalize me because I chose to take tasks from sites just as PayPerPost. The thing is I made way more money from those sites than I ever did from Adsense.

    I have since started two new blogs in Jan, and they have already reached PR3, and I am trying to slowly build up a readership base but as most new bloggers know, this takes time.

    Although I have had a bit of luck with Commission Monster I find ClixGalore to be a better performer. Naturally I expect the revenue for all avenues to increase as the blogs gain momentum. This will take time as I have to balance my blogging time with my business and family. The main thing though is that I enjoy blogging immensely and no matter what happens I will be a blogger for life.

  44. Great going–I’m relatively new to the blog monetization world, but it’s good to read things like this to keep my inspiration strong. Good move on the Text Link Ads too–I’ve basically heard to avoid them like the plague.

  45. I didn’t know how to improve my traffic and know little about SEO, so my blog PR is now 0 and gain little money from blogging. I have read some big bloggers’ posts about improving income from blogging, but till now i still couldn’t scratch the reality of blogging. Could you give some wise advice to me newcomer?Hehe.Thank you.

  46. I majored in entrepreneurship in college, and your most important formula for success started with your previous experience in the industry. If someone wants to make money from a blog or website as a fulltime job, i advise that they get started as you did…in their free time…until they build the knowledge (over years).
    i like your blog and doctor who, and i’m planning my own blog so i will be back often.

  47. Great post , helpful hints and direction how to make use of blogs to make money ,

  48. Really enjoyed reading this. I have been blogging for a long time now, and I think its always harder to become a big hit, since the competition is so great, but it does work..

  49. Hey $100,000 wow, i never thought of it… great post.. i think its time to revise my blog.

  50. Wow this is really great! Actually, it’s also my dream to earn big through blogging. My friend often told me before that there is money online if you will just work hard enough. Now, after 2 years, he is also earning more than his day job and slowly increasing his earnings monthly.

    I’ll try to follow your tips here and I hope that you will still post these kinds of inspirational topics.

  51. How very inspiring to read that you have been so successful with your blog…your tips are very valuable…and I am going to bookmark this page to come back for frequent referencing. Thank you so much for sharing your plan with others so that they can possibly benefit as well!

  52. I’ve actually had a pretty good experience with Text-Link-Ads. For a smaller blog, it’s not a bad way to get a recurring revenue stream for no effort whatsoever.

  53. Not bad, not bad at all. I am always very reluctant to tell anyone how much I make, cause it normally results in a huge flood of e-mail.

    Be extra careful inter-linking your two blogs. You should be fine if you keep the number in the network below about 5. Anything more than that, and you risk getting all your sites booted by googleboot, er, googlebot.

  54. I will be happy if i get 1000$ per month. But it seems that its an unreachable dream …Anyways, congratulation for your achievements ..

  55. Learnt about ur blog from the list of top 100 Aussie Bloggers. Thanx a lot for the details on different ways u monetize ur blog. Do u think a non-tech savy person like me can monetize a personal blog?

  56. I agree with your analysis and use my personal blog as an alternate income source, but for those out there with a corporate blog to maintain, the added lift in conversion for offering a unified spot to find information has been invaluable for customer opinion, tho the stats don’t look too bad either.

  57. Wow! That’s an awesome accomplishment to make your living blogging! Congrats!

  58. Thanks for the great article.

    I was surprised that your clickthrough rate is so high.

    It seems no matter what I do I can’t get above 4 percent.

  59. First of all, congratulations, mate!!! Hard work really has paid off. I’m sure you’re really loving the current exchange rate. I’m quite surprised with your double-digit CTR. Anyway, you don’t have pop-ups or annoying ads and you achieved it. Great work!!!

  60. I’m amazed that you’re making the majority of your money through adsense.

    From my own experience and that of others I’ve found adsense is usually good when you want to slap up a site, but actually promoting affiliate programs yourself through the blog (ie. not going through a network) pays off far far better.

    Just myself I put OIO Publisher on my own blog (not the one linked but another) so I could promote affiliate programs directly myself and its working very well!

  61. Congrats on your achievements, its interesting to see what other people earn and how they go about it. And some helpful tips too.

  62. Hey Neerav

    Congrats for living your life in your own way not many people are so lucky…..

    Hey if someone starts blogging now can He/She still earn a decent living to pay bills…..? M asking this coz u started early in 2004 at that time blogs were catching up n now there r so many well established bloggers, hell lot of competition ……so survival is difficult. plz guide … 🙂

  63. I hugely agree that private sponsorship deals are an underused method to make fantastic money off of a blog or website. The reason it is so lucrative is because it cuts out the middle man aka Google. However like you said most people are lazy and just dump Google Ads on their blog and don’t think twice about it

  64. Fantastic Post.

    It’s great that you showed us your income sources. I also have a own blog and it’s about 2 months old. It’s not making a lot of money and has no pagerank, but im patient at the moment becuase I know that blogging is a long term commitment and that it takes hard work and effort to start seeing some income. I’m currently just focusing on backlinks.

    Great to know that some bloggers are doing amazingly well.

    Keep up the good work.

  65. Great post.
    Finally an informative article that isn’t based on lies, exaggeration or flogging a “how to” ebook.
    You state 2mill page views per year for your return… Is there a minimum number you could estimate required to return even $1000 per month? (with standard click through ratios not as impressive as yours).

    Good luck with your business. Thanks again.

  66. Congratulations. I believe that you can make money online out of blogging and I also believe in your earnings. Anyway, thanks for sharing informative information which are valuable to other bloggers who would want to learn and make money online also.

  67. i too started making money with adsense but my earnings are too low when it is compared with you

  68. Man, making money out of adsense is next to impossible. All the guys who are doing it don’t really want to share their secrets, so the information out there is pretty much useless.

  69. i just bought a domain name and have chosen blogger to host it. i know it’s not good for me to expect much from it. as a starter, i would never think of getting revenue out of it. first, it’s a tight competition when it comes to the niche i have chosen. secondly, i just have little time to commit per week.

  70. interesting – I didn’t know people were making that much money from adsense

  71. Christiane at Kinky Pinkys

    I cannot imagine coming up with enough original thoughts to make a career out of blogging. I would imagine with the amount of material out there in the internet, its tempting to plagerize others work.

  72. It’s great that you showed us your income sources. I also have a own blog and it’s about 2 months old. It’s not making a lot of money and has no pagerank, but im patient at the moment becuase I know that blogging is a long term commitment and that it takes hard work and effort to start seeing some income. I’m currently just focusing on backlinks

  73. I agree with others that it is hard to make money from adsense. Niche blogging can work but it requires lots of volume (ie websites). The other problem is relying on Google as your sole source of income. When they change the rules (as they have recently with PageRank) your income can dry up overnight.

  74. Great article! But…can you tell us more on how you only spend 15-20 hours a week on blogging?? I am sure more people than me would like to know. I am interested in the time factor…HOW do you do it??

    Thanks and it is a pleasure reading your blog!


  75. Very useful information, I have just gotten into blogging and have not really got everything down as to the best way to promote the blog/site. I think you have just saved me months of fuddling around and I really appreciate it.

  76. Hey, Thanks for sharing this. I would like to tell you, This is extremely wonderful and I really liked it.
    I always like to read on these topics and one of the best thing is that,
    I am looking for this from a long time. Thank you for this again.

    Rajnish Kumar

  77. Have you found that the majority of your income from the blogging comes from the Australian market or is US a big contributor? Did you first learn about blogging for money from a specific program or were you in it just to write online information?


    EDITOR: Mostly Australian market

  78. Why is it that people, including yourself, are not willing to supply actual figures?
    I can understand your reluctance if your blog were about something else, but a post about how much money can be made through blogs can only be judged by the success of the blogger. And that success in this instance is dollars.
    Things like your graph showing the rate of increase are helpful and really appreciated, but why remove the actual figures? This phenomenon is so all pervasive that in spite of the fact that you removed the figures, many of the comments praise you on not doing so.
    The emperor’s new clothes?

  79. This is an interesting article that proves to alot of us would be “enterprise” bloggers that it is possible to earn a living writing content. This has given me more encouragement. I guess the main problem is that most people give up long before the 1000+ hourse work perp work hase been put in.

  80. I’ve been blogging for some time and found the best way to generate money is to blog about a specific product. Especially one that already has people who are interested in it.

    When I first got started I did a lot of “entertainment” type blogs and despite good traffic found it almost impossible to monetize.

  81. I know that a lot of people sell products online to make money. If I’d like to blog and put up Google Adsense on a blog, do I need to prove I have a lot of traffic on the blog first? Or should I just put it up and see how it goes?

  82. Hi, I have been following this blog for quite a while now. Many comments have raised interesting questions. If you are truly only spending 20 hours per week on your revenue making blogs, perhaps you could answer more than 4 out of 81 comments and questions. Thanks.

    EDITOR: 20 hours a week was a long time ago. I work as a journalist, blogger and other areas now so I’m very busy and only answer some comments. Many times readers answer each others questions eg:

  83. Simo Lett

    I have been trying to do this for a while now, but always had problems. Can you help?

  84. I’ve had great success with adsense in the past. If you have good readable content, people will find you. Match your ads to your content and your laughing.

  85. I have to agree with comment 78. I think too many people hide actual dollar figures, while the best of the best don’t generally have problems with disclosure. However, I think we all need to understand that some people and businesses have a right to their privacy and some partnerships and businesses themselves request that people don’t disclose their actual earnings. Enjoyed your informative blog, keep it coming.

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