Reflections on 2007 – Neerav Bhatt

Photo of me on holidays in the Northern Territory

2007 has been a big year for me after starting the year at 4:29am 01/01/07 on top of the highest Mountain in Australia, Mount Kosciuszko.

As Dickens said in his famous book A Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” a lot of good things happened in 2007 but at times I was completely run off my feet juggling several equally important tasks at the same time

Year round events

  • I was a lower house candidate in the NSW state and Federal elections ending up with 4.51% and 3.8% of 1st preference votes respectively happy face

    It was a hell of a lot of work but I was glad to make a difference by contributing to the democratic process

  • Business income was generally steady – peaking at over $10,000 in the best month happy face and falling to around $1000 in the worst unhappy face
  • In total my websites had well over 1 million pageviews through the year happy face.
  • I received several unexpected benefits from blogging happy face including: New Knowledge, Job Offers, Increased Profile and an Invitation to a Charity Sailing Regatta
  • I reached 400+ RSS subscribers several times in the year happy face, hopefully in 2008 I can convince 500+ people to Subscribe to my RSS feed

Chronological events

Best TV show / DVD series

2007 was a pretty forgettable year for Australian TV, but I did watch 2 series on DVD and a 2 related movies that I really liked:


4 responses to “Reflections on 2007 – Neerav Bhatt”

  1. Wow you had a busy year 🙂 You did well to come in third place in both elections. I think the Greens are going to gain a lot more political clout as time goes on though, especially given the environmental issues facing us all.

    EDITOR: thanks John 🙂

    Unfortunately I don’t have enough of a support crew to try for council election late in 2008 but I’m sure the Greens will get more councillors elected in other areas of NSW

  2. Not just a busy year but a great year. You have already achieved so much. Congratulations. I wish you the best for 2008 and may the good times continue.

  3. 1st time visitor here, and there is a lot of good information here.
    I am sure that 08 will be a good success for you, as you improve on your already sucess story.
    Great blogging, I wish I could actually write better to have my own blog.

  4. you must be a very purposeful person to reach so many goals! i wish you to go ahead even better!

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