Sun Herald Interviews Me About The Strategy Of Business Blogging

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The Sun Herald Small Business insert recently included an article titled “The Strategy of Business Blogging” including a quote from me 🙂

The Internet hosts about 9 million blogs, with 40,000 new ones springing up daily. Most are MySpace-style online diaries written by people providing their friends with updated accounts of their personal ups and downs. But others have a commercial slant.

An increasing number of small businesses are using blogs to promote conversation about what they do and what they sell.

IT consultant Neerav Bhatt, who publishes regularly on his blog at, says writing a blog has boosted his company’s reputation and recently generated income.

“I’m currently in negotiations with two potential customers who read my blogs and have asked me to apply my skills to improving their websites,” he says.

The point of the article is that business bloggers have to consider the potential risks and rewards of having their own blog, however there is another key factor to consider: how will you react when someone uses their blog to attack your company?

For the average business trying to protect and enhance its reputation, the prospect of having its actions scrutinised by an army of online commentators can feel like a threat..

However, according to Matthew Yeomans from Custom Communication: “The more enlightened companies are not trying to control this conversation, because they realise they can’t. The web is out there for anyone to see. But the best companies are seeing that as an opportunity, not a threat.”


5 responses to “Sun Herald Interviews Me About The Strategy Of Business Blogging”

  1. Congrats on getting in the papers, did you notice any increase in site traffic?

    EDITOR: Not a lot, but its usefull to show people that you’re considered an expert in the field by journalists

  2. Yeah, the world of business blogging is a changing. Not only more competitive, but now employers are firing people over what they write in their personal blogs, gofigure!

  3. Blogging really is hot online business. but it needs commitment to write blog everyday.

  4. Creating a blog for your website is, definitely, something which can improve your business. However, it consumes a lot of your free time because you have to publish news very often to retain clients.

  5. Blogs and media creation are great tools for small business owners and offer affordable marketing solutions in a down economy.

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