Adelaide to Darwin Backpacking Road Trip Overview

I’ve just returned from a backpacker holiday road trip from Adelaide to Darwin which would easily have covered 4500-5000 kilometres mostly on the Stuart Highway including several side trips like going to Uluru (Ayers Rock) and drives on unsealed and bush roads like the Oodnadatta Track.

Over time I’ll start publishing a selection of the best photos, reviews of the places I’ve been, accommodation I’ve slept in and tourist companies I’ve dealt with.

It really was a once in a lifetime experience seeing locations and wildlife like no where else:

  • The famous Oodnadatta track, passing through/past places like Lake Eyre, the Dingo Fence, Ochre mines, and an unforgettable flight from William Creek over the Painted Desert
  • Sleeping in a swag under the stars at William Creek and many other places from where you could see part of an arm of the milky way and another galaxy
  • Driving alongside the path taken by the old abandoned Ghan train tracks from Adelaide to Alice Springs and using them for firewood!
  • Coober Pedy – the remote South Australian town which claims the status of “Opal Capital of the World” and where it’s inhabitants sleep underground!
  • The majestic sight of eagles, raptors and other birds of prey circling over the roads
  • Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kata Tjuta (The Olgas), and Kings Canyon (Watarrka)
  • Much much more ….

In the meanwhile here’s a sneak preview of the photos (more photos from Outback South Australia, The Red Centre and Tropical Top End will be uploaded bit by bit as I find the time):

Neerav Standing in Standley Chasm Crocodile
Neerav Standing in Standley Chasm Crocodile
Spinifex growing at Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)
Spinifex growing at Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)
Aerial view of a vehicle driving on the Oodnadatta track
Aerial view of a vehicle driving on the Oodnadatta track

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Still to be Written

  • Coober Pedy to Alice Springs
  • Alice Springs and Surrounds
  • Alice Springs to Darwin
  • Darwin and Surrounds


9 responses to “Adelaide to Darwin Backpacking Road Trip Overview”

  1. that is so beautiful! I love caves like that!

    EDITOR: Actually I should have labelled the photos to make it clear what they are. Have done so now. The one you’re referring to at top left is me standing in Standley Chasm

  2. that looks amazing, the pictures are brilliant i love how you catched the croc.

  3. Those pictures sure look amazing! It just makes me want to pack my bags and go over there…

  4. where you learn how to catch a croc? o_O

  5. […] June/July I did a backpacking road trip from Adelaide to Darwin and I got lots of great photos but afterwards when I got home I was really sick from travelling […]

  6. I would love to do this, im currently in California for the summer which is great but would love to do a more wildlife oriented one.

  7. Fantastic crocodile picture. I’ll be making this trip in February so enjoying reading about other people’s experiences of it.

  8. Richmeister

    Hi there,

    Ive been in Darwin 4 months now and I to intend to drive to Adelaide from here. Ive only recently decided to do it in the last few days and wont be leaving until December. I just wondered what time of the year you did the drive. Ive been told the roads can be pretty tough up in NT around December so im a little concerned. Any advice would be awesome. Love the site by the way.


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