Ochre Cliffs – Oodnadatta Track – South Australian Outback

Five kilometres north of Lyndhurst on the Oodnadatta Track in the South Australian Outback you’ll see a tyre beside the road with the words ‘Ochre Cliffs’ crudely written on it.

Follow the side-road for a few kilometres and you’ll suddenly see an open ochre quarry containing spectacular red, brown and white ochre cliffs (an exposure of saprolite) mined for thousands of years by the local Aboriginal people.

Adelaide to Alice Springs by Road & Bush Track

It is believed that ochre quarried here was judged to be such high quality that it was traded with other groups of Aborigines who lived hundreds and even thousands of kilometres away.

These quarries were of great importance to the aborigines as they provided a rich source of multi– coloured ochre used for ceremonial purposes. This quarry along with others was the focus of well defined trade routes extending north into the Northern Territory, Queensland and south to the coast.

No European mechanical mining has occurred in this quarry. It is listed on the register of the National Estate. The cliff faces display a spectacular range of colours ranging from reds through to browns, yellow to white. Visitors are requested to assist with the preservation of this unique natural attraction by not removing ochre from the area – ozoutbacktours

Adelaide to Alice Springs by Road & Bush Track

A low afternoon sun will produce an ever-changing play of light and colour upon the Cliffs and adjacent landscape. The entire Cliffs location is an important Aboriginal site and visitors should stay OFF the escarpment itself – Location Report for Lyndhurst

You can view more photos that I took during my road trip travelling from Adelaide to Coober Pedy.

Adelaide to Alice Springs by Road & Bush Track

Tourist Information

Lyndhurst is located 606 km north of Adelaide at the crossroads of the Strzelecki and Oodnadatta Tracks. For more information contact Flinders Ranges & Outback Information on Freecall 1800 633 060


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  1. What a beautiful color! I love that deep, rich, orange.

  2. Anonymous

    Very good photos of Ochre Quarry.
    thanks for sharing.

  3. Amazing pictures. This has quickly become one of my favorite blogs to check in on. Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

  4. Excellent pictures “natures beauty” is difficult to express in words

  5. […] Ochre Cliffs – Oodnadatta Track – South Australian Outback […]

  6. Intense colours. the ochre cliffs look like a martian landscape.

  7. Wonderful colours, these are outstanding photos, and an informative report. Brings back memories of my own trip along the Oodnadatta Track back in 2001. I just love the Australian Outback.

  8. just extraordinary, took pictures and send them to the FC, wich is a german photocommunity side, this is somethink we really should promote over seas, next year we will do the Srzelecki Track

  9. charles binns

    Lovely colours – the place looks out of this world!

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