Electric Car Fast DC Chargers I’ve used between Albury & Melbourne: Detailed Guide with Photos

There are many electric car fast chargers between Sydney and Melbourne on the inland route via Albury. I’ve used most of the locations that aren’t exclusively for the use of Tesla cars.

Here are my thoughts about each Chargefox, Evie, NRMA etc fast charger location I’ve used between Albury and Melbourne and which ones I recommend.

I also have another guide to all the Electric Car Fast DC Chargers I’ve used between Sydney and Albury.

NRMA Albury

Unfortunately this single charger was closed permanently in May 2023 after being broken by jerks.

It wasn’t very convenient anyway at the top of a council carpark with no toilet facilities, no distractions for kids and no shelter from the heat or rain.

Chargefox Barnawartha North

This four charger location is a great spot to top up 22km after you leave Albury.

It is a very rare example of an Australian electric car highway fast charging station that has shelter nearby as well as a picnic table. Shade and a place to sit underneath should be made mandatory as part of government funding grants.

It’s also a rare example of a charging station with mixed brands of charging units. The two 350kW ultra fast ones are ABB and the two 50kW ones are Tritium.

The BP Service station a short walk away has fast food options and good toilets.

Evie Wangaratta

This charger location was activated in mid March 2023 due to grid connection delays.

This Wangaratta charger removes what was 140km DC fast charging gap between Chargefox Barnawartha North and Chargefox Euroa.

It’s is a great way to reduce range/charger anxiety as it’s 54km South of Chargefox Barnawartha North and 87km North of Chargefox Euroa.

Unfortunately the Wangaratta Evie charger is only 50kW rather than 350kW so a big recharge from a nearly empty battery would take a while.

It’s best used by roadtrippers as a top up while eating in town or emergency fill-up rather than for full refills.

Chargefox Euroa

This four charger location is very very popular because there are several cafes and fast food eateries here as well as a service station and good toilet facilities. There are two ultrafast 350kW and 2 50kW.

Unfortunately the chargers are poorly located at the busy entrance to the car park so it’s hard to safely enter and exit. Surely further down the carpark in a quiet corner would’ve been more sensible?

In the middle of the Christmas summer peak driving period I was lucky to get the rightmost 50kW charger, which is the only one shaded by a tree.

Despite the great facilities I would skip this location during peak road trip times of year because of the high chance of a queue and people charging slowly to 100% while eating. My family is self catering from our esky so we don’t need to buy food.

Evie Ampol Avenel

Located 39km south of Euroa this is a good option if there are charging queues at Euroa and you have enough battery capacity left to go a bit further.

This dual ultra fast 350kW charger site has one front on and one side on which means it might be awkward to charge depending on where your charge port is located (left/right/front). Charging front on with a MG ZS EV front charge port was really easy.

The service station has good toilets and there’s a small table partly shaded by a gumtree where I had my own BYO lunch while watching the car charge.

Chargefox Broadford

You probably haven’t heard of this 25kW ABB manufactured DC charging location provided by Mitchell Shire Council.

It’s handy as a brief stopover off the highway if someone in your car needs a toilet stop during which your car can top up a bit.

Note the photos below. The charging station is in the council car park circled in red and the council toilet block located nearby in the Memorial Park is circled in blue.

Evie BP Epping

Depending on whether you’re headed North or South this is the first/last ultra fast charger location on the Northern edge of Melbourne.

There are two charging units with space clearly available next to them for several more units in the future if this location is popular.

The service station has good toilets, is modern, clean with healthy as well as traditional fast food cafe options and plenty of seating space.

Errors or Extra Information needed?

If you have any knowledge that would be useful to add to this guide to improve the information please add a comment below or send me a message. Thanks 🙂


5 responses to “Electric Car Fast DC Chargers I’ve used between Albury & Melbourne: Detailed Guide with Photos”

  1. Chargefox @ Barnawatha North is well known for not having all units operational. Sometimes 0 operational. Only 1 working when I was there.

  2. Neerav Bhatt

    That’s no good. Guess I was lucky “only” 1 unit was broken each time.

    Still poor customer experience that 25% broken is a “good” scenario

  3. Malcolm Street

    +1 for Barnewartha North being a sad case of excellent facilities combined with unreliable chargers (and the ABB 350kW units are nearly as bad as the 50kW Tritiums).

  4. Neerav Bhatt

    Thanks for that information Malcolm

    It’s disappointing the ABB units there have been unreliable, there are many people hoping ABB and Kempower will be more reliable in Australia than Tritium

  5. The drive from Canberra to Albury was our first long trip in the Tesla. I tried the Chargefox at Euroa on the return trip but as far as I could tell they were app only (I do have the RFID card). I couldn’t get enough reception on my phone to run the app so had to use the Tesla ones instead – one of the pitfalls of app based access. We’ve since changed to a different mobile provider!

    Oh, and in the way down the entire town of Euroa had no power. This meant that all the chargers (and service stations) weren’t operational. It was a handy lesson about always keeping something “in the tank” to get to the next available chargers,

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