Electric Car Fast DC Chargers I’ve used between Sydney and Albury: Detailed Guide with Photos

There are many electric car fast chargers between Sydney and Melbourne on the inland route via Albury. I’ve used most of the locations that aren’t exclusively for the use of Tesla cars.

Here are my thoughts about each Chargefox, Evie, BP, NRMA etc fast charger location I’ve used between Sydney and Albury and which ones I recommend.

I also have another guide to all the Electric Car Fast DC Chargers I’ve used between Albury and Melbourne.

Evie Casula Mall

This location is a handy place to turn off the M5 just before you turn left and start going South on the M31.

It’s near the entrance of Casula Mall which is good because it means access to very good toilet facilities and plenty of supermarket and other shop options to buy car snacks or pre-made supermarket food to put in your ice cooled esky to have later for lunch etc.

The only negatives of this 2 charger location are:

  • Sometimes one or both of the chargers get ICED because a petrol/diesel car parks there since it’s close to the Mall entrance.
  • Depending on where your EV charging port is located it might be awkward to get the charging cable there because the chargers are side located rather than at the front of the parking bay.

Western Sydney University Campbelltown, BP Ingleburn, BP Macarthur

Of these 3 locations I’ve only used WSU Campbelltown.

UPDATE: In February 2023 WSU changed the rules for all their campus charger locations so that only staff and students can use them. This is fine, they weren’t charging so can restrict access to whoever they want.

The BP locations are also not very useful for highway drivers because if you’ve left home in Sydney at 100% charge you won’t be low enough to top up by then and if you’re heading North then you’ll already probably have used Chargefox Goulburn or EVIE Sutton Forest already to fill up.

Chargefox Goulburn and Evie Sutton Forest

These are the most popular stops just before Sydney going North and South of Sydney for those going on long drives as both have 4 chargers as well as fast food restaurants and decent toilet facilities.

Of the two Evie is the nicer location where you can go and stand under a tree while you wait, whereas Chargefox Goulburn is in an ugly back corner behind a service station next to a bottles and cans recycling machine.

Skip Picton and Mittagoing NRMA chargers unless desperate because they are both free to use single charger locations so likely to have a queue.

BP Marulan South and BP Marulan North are both single charger locations in the middle of the stretch of road between Chargefox Goulburn and EVIE Sutton Forest.

They’re worth remembering as an option in case Chargefox Goulburn or EVIE Sutton have a big queue/are broken down, as well as giving you different meal choices.

NRMA Yass and NRMA Jugiong

This stretch of road is a bit tricky for shorter range electric cars because in the 177km between Chargefox Goulburn and Chargefox Gundagai there are only these two single chargers.

They’re also quite popular because they’re free and near kids playgrounds, nice places to eat and drink etc.

Therefore if there’s a queue waiting to use them or they’re broken down you have no choice but to drive on. I had to use these NRMA locations on the way North and South because all the chargers at Chargefox Gundagai were broken down at the time of my trip.

If you’re in a short range EV which desperately needs refilling in this area and these NRMA chargers aren’t working then EVIE Murrumbateman 20km South of Yass is an emergency option.

NRMA Yass pictured below is located in a council car park, there’s a kids playground and toilet facilities at the other end of the car park. Walk to the nearby main street in town and you’ll find plenty of places to feed your family.

NRMA Jugiong pictured below is a very small town population about 250 which caters for tourists and road trip drivers very well with good toilet facilities, swimming pool, play equipment, pub and some good places to have a meal or buy food/wine to take with you.

Chargefox Gundagai

As mentioned before all three chargers at Chargefox Gundagai were broken down at the time of my trip so I haven’t used this location.

Even if they were working I’d skip it unless my car battery charge was getting low because I’ve been told by other EV drivers that:

  • there are lots of potholes / poor road surface at this location especially after heavy rains
  • sometimes there’s a smell of sewage while you’re standing at the chargers

Evie Ampol Tarcutta

This is a much nicer location than Chargefox Gundagai. The service station has decent toilets and snacks for sale etc. I enjoyed some ice cream while topping up my car.

NRMA Submarine Park Holbrook

This is only a single charger location and sometimes quite busy because it’s free.

However it has several very good advantages for a stop regardless of whether you charge there or not.

  • The toilet facilities are literally metres away from the charger and provide shelter if it’s raining or very hot
  • A short walk down the road there’s an IGA, bakery and other food options.
  • Of course the best part is there’s an actual decommissioned Australian Submarine just a short walk from the charger with Submarine Cafe next to it.

The original above water line superstructure of the Oberon Class submarine HMAS Otway is free to walk around and look at which is a good distraction for kids and adults needing a walk to stretch legs. If you have time the Holbrook Submarine Museum is low cost.

NRMA Albury

Unfortunately this single charger was closed for many months during 2023 after being broken by vandalism. As of late 2023 it is working again.

It isn’t very convenient anyway at the top of a council carpark with no toilet facilities, no distractions for kids and no shelter from the heat or rain.

Errors or Extra Information needed?

If you have any knowledge that would be useful to add to this guide to improve the information please add a comment below or send me a message. Thanks 🙂


6 responses to “Electric Car Fast DC Chargers I’ve used between Sydney and Albury: Detailed Guide with Photos”

  1. Malcolm Street

    Thanks for these guides!

    The Murrumbateman fast charger also has a good country pub attached! Quite apart from emergencies, it’s not far from the Hume Highway for a lunch stop.

    Agree about Gundagai being a disgrace and Goulburn not being great.

    There’s a big charger installation going in at Pheasants Nest which will be perfect coming from Canberra to Sydney – top up there, use that power to get around Sydney, then top up again on the way out.

  2. Neerav Bhatt

    Glad I could help 🙂

    Pheasants Nest will be handy, hopefully ready soon

  3. Darrell

    Hi, thanks a lot for your work on this. Question – I’m new to this, but how do I know if the chargers you’ve descibed will fit my car? I have a BYD Atto 3 which seems to use CSS2 / Type 2.

  4. Neerav Bhatt

    Hi Darrell, yes all of these DC fast chargers will work with the Atto 3.

    Note that your car has a top charging rate of about 80kW and even that only up to about 40% full. Stick with the 50kW and 75kW chargers.

    Don’t bother paying more to use a 150kW or 350kW charger as it won’t be able to supply your car any faster.

  5. Terry Sullivan

    Albury has 8 new chargers being installed this week however 4 of them are in another Carpark.

    Holbrook has 9 new Superchargers next week too at the RSL Club Carpark courtesy of Tesla.

  6. Neerav Bhatt

    Thanks. Are these new Albury and Holbrook chargers Tesla owners only?

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