Australian Kia EV9 Air Earth GT-Line 2023: how much storage space is in boot and frunk?

I recently had the opportunity to drive Australian media loan Kia EV9 Air and GT-Line 2023 model electric cars for a total of 10 days across both cars.

Disclosure: The cars were loaned by Kia Australia for me to do an independent media review. I agreed to meet all the associated running costs e.g. tolls, charging etc.

If you’re wondering how much boot and frunk storage space the Australian Australian Kia EV9 (2023) has, it’s listed as:

Boot Cargo Area Rear (for all specifications Air, Earth and GT-Line)

  • 333 litres – 7 Seats Up (L, VDA)
  • 828 litres – 5 Seats Up (L, VDA)
  • 2,318 litres –  2 Seats Up (L, VDA)

Frunk Cargo Area Front

  • 90L / 40kg – for the Air rear wheel drive model
  • 52L / 20kg – for the Earth and GT-Line dual motor all wheel drive models

In comparison if you look at my storage test article for the smaller Kia EV6 Air you’ll see it offers 490 litres in the boot with back seats up, 1270 litres with the back seats down and either a frunk of 52 litres or 20 litres respectively depending on whether you choose a rear wheel drive or all wheel drive version.

Another good comparison is the Kia Carnival fossil fuel car. It doesn’t have a frunk but this is the listed boot space:

  • Luggage Space 627 litres (All Seats Up) (L, VDA)
  • Luggage Space 2,785 litres (3rd Row Folded) (L, VDA)

I showed the Kia EV9 to a friend who has a large 6 person family including 3 growing boys. She said that while the EV9 had much better tech, it had noticeably less boot space compared to her Kia Carnival.

As you can see from my photos the wide EV9 hatchback style opening makes the boot easy to access because the lid opens up so high.

Note that the boot storage space with all 7 Seats up isn’t much and the under boot floor area is tiny compared to the similar seat number large fossil fuel car like the Kia Carnival.

On the plus side the under boot floor area is designed to neatly store the retractable cargo cover if you want to do so.

To put down the middle row of seats press the buttons on the right hand side of the boot as you can see me doing in the photo above and they will close automatically.

To put down the back row of seats pull the straps at left and right hanging from the back of these seats.

As you can see from the photos above the boot storage space with the back row seats down is very big and with the middle seats down as well you can transfer a heck of a lot of shopping, luggage etc in the available 2,318 litres.

With the back seats down I managed to easily fit in 6 large cubes of mulch from Bunnings. If I had the middle row down as well I could’ve probably fitted another 4-6 cubes of mulch without blocking the rear window!

While I used the frunk in both cars I forgot to take photos so here are photos supplied by Kia Australia below. As you can see the Air has substantially deeper frunk space compared to the Earth and GT-Line.

Nevertheless I have found that about 50 litres is enough to store the standard 240V 10 amp Kia charging cable and my own EVSE 7m Type 2 cable.


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