2 easy options to improve MG4 rear window visibility a lot

The original UK version 1 MG4 2022 had 2 rear seat side headrests but no centre headrest. Some reviewers and buyers were unhappy with that.

For version 2 of the MG4 2023 the designers added a 3rd headrest as well as a rear window wiper, that Version 2 MG4 was released in Australia mid 2023.

I have an Australian MG4 Essence 64 media loan review car this week and the photo below is what the rear vision mirror view looks like from the drivers seat, with three headrests in the way of the rear window.

You can just see the car approaching from behind but not properly see much else.

Sliding out the centre rear headrest makes a big difference to visibility. This change alone should be enough for many people and still allow 2 back passengers.

Since I only ever have one front seat passenger with me when I review cars, I went one step further and pushed forward the rear seats so I could slide out the other two rear headrests.

Looking at the photo below I’m sure you’ll agree the difference is huge and visibility is much improved.

Personally if I was buying this car I’d take out all the rear headrests and store them at home.

For most other buyers who plan on having up to two rear passengers, taking out the middle headrest and stashing it at home improves the rear visibility a lot by itself.

Be careful storing the unused headrests loose in the car as the metal prongs could cause injury in a crash if they fly around. If kept in car make sure they’re secured down.

Note that if you do have any passengers in the backseat you need to put the headrest back for their safety, as noted in the sensible comment below from reader Lord-Brett OD:

“The headrest can help keep the rearward head motion under control during a front or rear collision, which may otherwise cause whiplash injury or worse. So please put them back in when you have rear passengers.”


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