WARNING: Apartment Residents Can’t Install Wi-Fi Ring, Arlo, Nest etc Video Doorbell without Owners Corporation Approval

Many Australians who live in units or apartments incorrectly think that they have the right to install one of the popular Wi-Fi video doorbells from Ring, Arlo, Nest etc outside their front door or a security camera in their car park space.

Two NCAT decisions confirm that apartment/unit lot owners and renters generally do not have the right to install security cameras on common property without first obtaining the consent of the owners corporation.

Where they do not obtain that consent, then the owners corporation is entitled to require the security cameras to be removed.

Common property in a strata apartment building roughly refers to any area outside your apartment eg the front door, hallways, dedicated parking lot marking lines, lift etc.

While strata apartment laws are different in each Australian state and territory it would be safe to assume that similar restrictions about installing security cameras on common property apply to the rest of Australia outside of NSW.

So if you’re pondering installing a video doorbell, CCTV system or any other surveillance device outside your apartment including in your car space ask permission from your owners corporation or strata committee first and don’t be surprised if they say no.

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