Video: Ausgrid reveals JOLT EV charger install process for green street substation kiosk

Sydney electricity distributor Ausgrid has revealed in a video just how efficient they and their partners JOLT are at upgrading big green street side substation infrastructure (Ausgrid calls them a “kiosk”) into JOLT EV charging stations.

A truck transporting the JOLT shell drives up to the substation. This is craned over the top of the substation and carefully dropped down so it covers it completely.

Next the charging cables and electrical connections are setup as well as the silent advertising screens that rotate through a series of image ads and Ausgrid messages.

Then the new JOLT station such as the Beecroft one featured in the video is ready for local EV drivers to use it via CSS2 or CHAdeMO.

People like me who don’t have a garage or parking lot at home need lots more options to charge their electric car battery.

JOLT aims to help solve this major barrier to electric vehicle (EV) ownership in Australia by building thousands of 25kW DC charging rate stations across the country partnering with electricity distributors (like Endeavour Energy and Ausgrid) in a world-first initiative to transform existing street side kiosks into state-of-the-art EV charging stations.

I have used JOLT chargers several times, read my step by step real life test & explanation of the JOLT free charging business model.


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