Tourists visiting Australia can install Evie & Chargefox electric car charging apps on Android & iPhone from NZ UK USA China India etc

Just before Christmas 2022 I met some European tourists who were upset because they couldn’t refill their electric cars at Chargefox and Evie Networks EV chargers.

The problem at that time was that Chargefox and Evie mobile apps wouldn’t install on Swedish iPhones.

In good news as of mid July 2023 Australia’s 2 biggest electric car charging providers Evie Networks and Chargefox both finally have mobile apps for Android and iPhone that can be installed by visitors to Australia from overseas.

Paired with that the Evie Networks and Chargefox apps should now also be able to accept international credit cards and international mobile numbers in the setup process.

Evie announced the change on 24/7/2023 as part of their new app launch while Chargefox had already quietly enabled the changes earlier in 2023.

This is great news for overseas visitors to Australia as it means they can rent an electric car (from Hertz, SIXT etc), borrow a company EV or borrow a family EV and refill the car battery at an Evie or Chargefox location by installing the app on their phone.

Tourists from China should note Chargefox and Evie mobile apps are not available on Huawei AppGallery.


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