Star Trek 11 Movie Premiere Review (Sydney Opera House)

I just attended the Star Trek 11 Movie Premiere at the Sydney Opera House because by a stroke of good luck I was offered a media ticket just a few days before the screening 🙂

Initially Paramount made everyone agree to a non-disclosure agreement for 2 weeks but they lifted the embargo the morning after so I can show you some photos I took in the red carpet area and you can read my review about how the movie was: AWESOME!

Star Trek 11 Movie Premiere (Sydney Opera House)

Having arrived at the Sydney Opera House at 1730 I caught up with fellow Star Trek fans @warlach, @fulltimecasual and @djsflynn before walking halfway up the red carpet to the area where the actors were graciously signing autographs for fans and being interviewed by the media.

Doing the best I could in the low visibility of twilight coupled with intensely bright spotlights I took 2 dozen or so photos with my cameraphone including Eric Bana who plays the villain “Nero” and watched various people walk past including Rove, KAK (Kerry Anne Kennerley), and George Houvardas (“Carbo” from Ch7’s Packed to the Rafters).

Eric Bana (Nero) - Star Trek 11 Movie Premiere (Sydney Opera House)

Once inside, director JJ Abrams introduced the cast members and explained that he’d fallen in love with Sydney when filming MI:3 here and insisted that the world premiere take place here and for the first time ever hold a premiere at the Sydney Opera House.

The Concert Hall had been specifically retrofitted for the occasion into a giant movie theatre with the best possible Dolby sound equipment and very expensive projection equipment so in audiovisual terms it was the best movie I’ve seen, far superior to the new Gold Class cinemas that have opened in Sydney recently and it did justice to what fans had dreamed a rebooted Star Trek Universe would look like.

As well as giving a starstarstarstar rating I’d say JJ Abrams did an admirable job of balancing the expectations of hardcore fans like myself as well as introducing the Star Trek universe to potential new fans in the interest of creating a new money spinner for Paramount Pictures.

Noteworthy Actors

  • Kiwi Karl Urban (Dr McCoy) did an admirable job, almost seeming to channel the curmudgeon-like personality of DeForest Kelley the original Dr McCoy
  • Zachary Quinto was a worthy Spock dealing with his inner demons trying to find a balance between logic & emotion
  • Simon Pegg fitted in smoothly as chief engineer Scotty, in essence being the cheeky character he’s became famous for in Spaced and Shaun of the Dead
  • Chris Pine seemed comfortable in his role as Captain Kirk however it may take a 2nd movie with a slower paced plot to flesh out his character

Reasons For starstarstarstar Rating

  • The musical score goes somewhat overboard at times, especially at the beginning of the movie,
  • I was completely enthralled in the plot almost all the time but this was spoilt by a few cheesy moments that broke my concentration
  • Zoe Saldana (Lt. Uhura) and John Cho (Sulu) were 2D characters who didn’t really develop a personality, Saldana particularly seemed in the movie just to serve as a love interest between Spock and Kirk
  • Eric Bana played his character (the villain Nero) solidly but without much malevolence, having a deepr backstory may have assisted in strengthening his role

Star Trek 11 is released in Australian movie theaters on 7th May 2009

Other People’s Reviews

The story itself is a bit thin, but it was just a lot of fun to see young versions of the original characters again, Bones was great, Scotty (Simon Pegg – Spaced) was brilliant. I was also looking forward to Spock, as I thought he was brilliantly casted, but I found his “Spockness” timing a bit off, while the real Spock (yes, there is time travel involved) was spot on of course. Kirk was actually better than what I expected after watching the trailer. And Aussie Bana (unrecognisable) was badass, as were the ILM special effects.

JJ Abrams did a great job on reviving the Star Trek franchise, not an easy task. It remains to be seen what the legion of Trekkies think, but up till now all reviews seem to be positive (on Twitter for example). Getting a standing ovation at the end must have come as a big relief to him. I’m already looking forward to more adventures of the new crew.
Star Trek – A New Beginning… – JJ Halans

By the time I arrived around 5.45pm, some of the stars had already started working their way along the red carpet which ran the length of the front steps of the Opera House. As for the movie that followed we all know it’s bloody brilliant, so ‘nuff said.

Plenty of laughs and applause as several character’s catchphrases were first uttered or expressions drawn on faces (a Vulcan with a quizzically raised eyebrow, anyone?). And thunderous applause for J.J. and co at the end of the movie.
TrekWeb Reports from World Premiere of New Trek Movie in Australia – David Flynn

“It’s with great surprise – and delight – that I freely admit that I loved “Star Trek”, the new reimagining by J.J. Abrams. It’s a rousing action-packed sci-fi adventure, but with enough grit and determination to bring the franchise back on its feet.”
Star Trek 11 Review- 20/20 Filmsight

I have to admit – I have never been a Star Trek fan. I, (like the lead actors) came from a generation that was raised on a strict diet of Wookies, Jawas and Ewoks, with Lightsabers and a mysterious “Force” controlling the universe. Of course, that doesn’t mean I was completely oblivious to the Star Trek universe – as a geek (of varying aptitudes), I have seen episodes of each Star Trek series, although never enough to get me hooked. But after last night’s world premiere at the Sydney Opera House, I’m a changed man. If JJ Abrams mission was to bring new fans into the Star Trek family, he has succeeded.
Star Trek World Premiere Film Review – Gizmodo

PS while you’re here please answer this question: If You Were a Star Trek Character: Who Would You Be?


13 responses to “Star Trek 11 Movie Premiere Review (Sydney Opera House)”

  1. Neerav, you lucky guy. Attending the world premiere of Star Trek. Wow.
    All I can say is “May the force be with you” – errr wrong franchise.

  2. Great pics, Neerav!

    I helped organise the huge Sydney gala preview of Star Trek IV, and remember the excitement only too well. Jealous!

  3. […] STAR TREK had its official movie premier at the Sydney Opera House in Australia. You can see some pics of the red carpet event here. […]

  4. Did someone forget to call Rent-A-Crowd for the red carpet?

    EDITOR: Considering the pre-publicity and good weather yesterday evening I was honestly surprised that there weren’t a few 1000 more fans queuing up for autographs

  5. thanks for the link, Neerav… I’ll probably write something more this week… I was definitely surprised at how enjoyable the film was.

    btw, I liked John Cho’s character – he could have used a little more screentime…

  6. EDITOR: PS an interesting side note to my review… When I entered the Opera House concert hall and chose a seat I found myself next to 2 people talking in an American accent

    Turns out they were tourists from Wisconsin, USA named Jay and Daniel. On the spur of the moment they’d decided to take some photos of the Opera House only to find the movie premiere red carpet being rolled out outside.

    By a stroke of luck the PR company were giving out 30 free pairs of tickets to people who wrote a 25 words or less question on what they’d ask JJ Abrams and Daniel won tickets to walk the carpet and watch the movie 🙂

    Here’s a photo Jay took of Zachary Quinto (Syler of Heroes fame) who plays Spock in the movie looking up at the Opera House…

    zachary quinto

    Daniel got a bunch of autographs on free Star Trek Premiere postcards… Eric Bana and Chris Pine on the front of postcards (on the back was Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, and John Cho) and JJ Abram’s on the back of the ticket…

    star trek signatures

    And afterwards they told all their friends and family about their good luck via Facebook 🙂

  7. Haha.. “rent a crowd”? That’s a good one. I don’t see how people get so into Star Trek. I’ve done my best, but I just can’t do it. It’s just not interesting to me.

  8. Hey Neerav,

    You are a very lucky guy! The pics you posted are just awesome!

    Warm wishes,

  9. I am so excited about this new Star Trek movie!

  10. Wow, this is a really pleasant surprise…
    The trailer seemed pretty bad (apart from the visual effects), so it’s really encouraging to read a positive review. Is it part of a new series then or just one movie?

  11. Great review and fab pictures… well done.

  12. Has anyone stopped to think about all the things that could go wrong with the way this universes Star Trek is? Sarek will die in Journey to Babel because it was Spock’s mom that convinced Spock to go thru with the surgery to save his fathers life and if that happens when David (if he even exist) when builds the Genesis Device and its explodes Spock will die. But no one will go to Kirk to ask him to retrieve Spock’s body so the Kingons will kill David, Spock, and Savak. McCoy will most likely die in some mental hospital so sick from Spock,s Katra that no one knows how to treat him. When the Enterprise /A doesn’t work properly Kirk will go on vacation he will fall to his death because Spock will not be there to catch him. But I guess that that will all work out in the end because that mean that Spock cant make a promise to save Romulus and he and Nero cant go back in time and Screw every thing up.

  13. Now we just have to wait for the next movie. At least it’s getting close.

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