Photo Gallery: Melbourne’s Famous Laneway Street Art

While Sydney has some good Street Art, Melbourne’s is of a higher quality and it is far more commonplace, extending from the centre of the city out into the suburbs.

I had 2 hours spare recently during a business trip to Victoria, which I spent taking photos of some of Melbourne’s famous Street Art in the centre of the city following part of this suggested walking route.

Ideally I would have spent at least a whole weekend exploring Melbourne’s laneways for Street Art and optimally perhaps 4-5 days including sojourns to the suburbs such as Collingwood & Fitzroy.

It is interesting to note that good quality street art can attract a lot of tourists from other areas of Australia as well as overseas. While I was walking around taking photos I met lots of people who were visiting Melbourne for holidays and viewing street art was high on their list of priorities.

Tourists -Melbourne Street Art

In 2010, Melbourne-based artist Haha (Regan Tamanui), one of Australia’s most prolific stencil practitioners, told blogger and Melbourne academic Alison Young that artists who work on the street are the “bush rangers of the 21st century”; a comparison National Gallery of Australia curator Jaklyn Babington says reflects the rebellious spirit that has been at the centre of Australia’s street art scene.

Australia’s contemporary street art movement has its roots in a small group of politically motivated graffiti writers working in the late 1970s. Hardcore writers dominated the early scene but by the ‘90s Babington argues that they were surpassed by artists working with stencils, posters, paste-ups stickers, street intervention pieces, installations. In last decade street art has morphed yet again from the ephemeral to the collectable and from a subculture to mainstream tourist attraction and symbol of urban gentrification.

If rebelliousness was once at the heart of the street art movement, is it still? Do recent market successes and the rise of street art tourism run counter to its roots?
ABC Arts

Melbourne Street Art Permit

“Do art not tags” is the name of a graffiti education presentation being offered to Year 5 and Year 8 students in schools within the City of Melbourne. Graffiti is the marking of another person’s property without permission. Graffiti can include tags, stencils, pieces and even colourful murals which have been done without the permission of the person who owns the wall and without permission from the local council. Graffiti is illegal everywhere in Australia, including within the City of Melbourne.

Street art is artistic work done with the permission of the person who owns the wall that the work is being done on, and with the permission of the local council. With the proper permission, street art is legal in the City of Melbourne. Council has a Street art permit process which enables property owners and tenants to get permission to let street artists paint on their walls.

Melbourne Street Art Photo Gallery – August 2012

These are some of the photos I took below or you can view the whole gallery as a slideshow below.

Elephant - Melbourne Street Art

"Haters Hate, Painters Paint" - Melbourne Street Art

"Here Be Dragons" - Melbourne Street Art

Melbourne Street Art  by - China Express Dragon - 265 Little Lonsdale St

Teddy Bear - Melbourne Street Art

Redhead Girl - Melbourne Street Art

Demon Spirit - Melbourne Street Art - Little Latrobe St


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  1. […] had 2 hours spare during my trip to Victoria, which I spent taking photos of some of Melbourne’s famous Street Art such as the red dragon […]

  2. I’m from Sydney’s Eastern suburbs and currently living on the Gold Coast. I’ve travelled a fair bit both in Australia and overseas, but other than passing through briefly many years ago I had never spent time in Melbourne until last year. I’d always considered the Sydney/Melbourne friendly rivalry a bit ridiculous, after all how could Melbourne possibly compete with Sydney!? Boy, was I ever wrong! I absolutely love everything about Melbourne, including the street art. Ok, maybe not the weather, but we were fortunate that it was perfect during our stay. Each city has it’s unique charm and advantages. These pics of Melbourne’s laneways and street art make me want to visit again soon. Thanks for a great post!

  3. Hello Neerav

    Serious I never have been in Melbourne but I just hear about Melbourne & Melbourne’s Famous Laneway Street Art but finally I found some amazing & beautiful pictures by you! I have heared that there s nothing but picture in laneway street. I really wish to be there. I want to see laneway street by my eyes.

  4. […] Melbourne is renowned for it’s street art and I managed to sneak in a few hours of walking about to photograph some of it prior to writing an automotive story while visiting the city in late August. […]

  5. Seshagiri Rao

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!! Planned trip, now collecting materials like these. Please tell me more about Melbourne if you have idea, which I am sure you do:)

    Keep posting, Thanks.


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