Nokia 7 Plus 2018 Best Value for Money Android Phone

There have been a lot of good Android phones released during 2018 but my favourite remains the Nokia 7 Plus which was released early this year. 

There are several reasons why I came to that decision:

Android One – I have always been in favour of mobile phone manufacturers selling Android phones in Australia with as clean and fast an operating system as possible.

The Nokia 7 Plus runs the purest form of Android One exactly as designed by Google.

Updates and Security – Android One phones get guaranteed monthly security updates for 3 years and operating system updates for 2 years.

This makes it a great choice if you’re buying or recommending a phone for elderly parents or other non technical family members who need the best IT security.

Battery – I like phones that have a big battery capacity.

The Nokia 7 Plus has a 3800mah battery which is amongst the largest available of any Android phone sold retail in Australia.

Price – Last but not least is this is really important at a time when many Australians are experiencing low or no wage increases.

The Nokia 7 Plus currently has a street price of $439.20 at JBHIFI which is about a third of what it costs to buy a flagship high end Android phone.

As GSM Arena concluded in it’s review:

It’s the full package, this Nokia 7 plus – it’s got all the right bits and pieces for someone looking to get as much as possible of the flagship experience, without shelling out flagship money.

What’s your favourite value for money Android phone of 2018?

Please let me know in the comments.


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