“No Optus”. After databreach the only way they’ll learn is by losing many customers

During the last few days there has been a lot of media coverage about the massive Optus data breach.

The likely penalties enforced by government authorities are going to be pretty small relative to Optus revenue plus some parliamentarians will publicly tell the company off.

Australians who are angry about their personal data and identification numbers being stolen can punish Optus individually by ditching Optus mobile, NBN and other services and moving to another provider.

Internet outrage will be brief, the company can deal with it for a week or two and then move on.

However if you hurt Optus customer and revenue numbers by switching to other providers, that will hopefully cause Optus to pay proper attention to IT security in the future.

I’ve done my part and am encouraging family members to do the same, will you also join in?


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