Kobo eInk Ebook Reader Unboxing Video & Size Comparison With Paperback Book and Kindle DX

Kobo eInk Ebook Reader

Video (2 minutes): Kobo eInk Ebook Reader Unboxing & Size Comparison With Paperback Book and Kindle DX

Video Transcript: Earlier today, Borders Australia launched their eInk powered KObo eBook reader and associated eBook store with over 2 million ebooks for sale.

This is a short unboxing video and size comparison with the Kobo eReader versus a paperback book and Amazon Kindle DX eReader.

First we’ll have a look inside the Kobo package. The retail package describes the main features of the Kobo reader, inside it slides open to reveal a paper Quickstart guide, USB cable to connect to your Mac or Windows PC and the actual Kobo eInk powered ebook reader itself.

As you can see, in terms of height and width it’s almost the same size as a printed paperback book but its much thinner.

However both are dwarfed in size by the large and more premium priced Amazon Kindle DX.

Choosing an eBook reader is not a simple task as prices and features vary a lot between different manufacturers, however one key differentiating factor is whether you plan to read eBooks often, or just now and then …

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Borders/Kobo eReader Background Information

For more background information about the Border’s Kobo eReader you can read the articles I wrote recently for Australian technology news and reviews sites iTnews and PC Authority:

Borders Australia has announced plans to launch online bookstores powered by e-books download service Kobo and sell its own e-book reader devices.

The book retailer is selling content in its online book store which is compatible with many devices besides its own e-book reader, aiming to catch up with rivals and win a piece of the fast-growing e-book market.

read more at iTnews – Borders Australia lays down challenge to Amazon.com – Price guarantee – and on any device..

Retail staff at Borders have confirmed that the book retailer’s e-book reader – to be launched on May 19 with an accompanying e-content store – will be the Kobo e-Reader, priced at $199.

read more at iTnews – Borders to sell Kobo e-Book reader for $199.


5 responses to “Kobo eInk Ebook Reader Unboxing Video & Size Comparison With Paperback Book and Kindle DX”

  1. This is really going to open the market here – pricing / quality / range of books… no point even looking at Kindle at $305 landed

  2. FYI some information regarding Kobo issues like Font scaling, book collection management, charging light etc


  3. It seems like all major book stores are going to have their own ebook reader. I’m waiting on the Half Priced Books version for…half the price.

  4. I think the competition of several competing ebook readers has been really good for consumers. If there were no products like the kobo coming to market amazon would never have lowered the price of the kindle.

  5. In my own opinion, I would prefer to own a Kindle DX. It is faster and efficient to use. I just bought it last month and it works perfectly so far. I never owned a KOBO before. Maybe if I do, I might reconsider. 😀


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