Guide To Twitter Etiquette and Efficient Use To Achieve Your Goals

Guide To Twitter Etiquette and Efficient Use

I did some consulting work recently teaching the principals of a PR/marketing firm about Twitter – a popular Social networking and microblogging service.

Realising that other people might find my report useful I have released my Guide To Twitter Etiquette & Efficient Use to the public

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14 thoughts on “Guide To Twitter Etiquette and Efficient Use To Achieve Your Goals”

  1. Thanks for your Guide To Twitter Etiquette & Efficient Use. I’ve downloaded and printed it to read tonight.

    I think it’s good to offer Internet marketers free information. I don’t know how much I’ve spent on ebooks, etc, but I’m guessing more than $1,000.

    Linda P. Morton

  2. Do you know, I’ve got a twitter account and I’ve been following others and they are following me, but I’m not even sure just what I’m doing half the time! Maybe this will help, thanks!

  3. Hi mate,

    Do you use twitter often? I havent used it yet as I am worried I will get addicted and neglect my blogs! Drop me comment when you can.



  4. I’m really glad I came across this Twitter guide. Thank you for sharing it with everyone. I recently joined Twitter, but haven’t had the time yet to do much with it but hope to build it up more very soon.

  5. Neerav, Thank you for a very detailed and useful Twitter guide. I joined Twitter not knowing how it works; but now, after reading your Twitter Guide, I already know how! Thanks for another good job, Neerav!

  6. Definitely on tonight’s reading list. Not being prolific enough to Tweet for both my employer and my personal account, and having relinquished the company a/c, I’m now slowly rebuilding my reincarnated Twitter self 🙂

  7. Great primer for Twitter newbies, thanks for putting it together. Starting out with Twitter does feel a bit like first day at school :).

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