Australian bp Pulse tip: how to charge your EV fastest if 2 CCS port electric cars charge simultaneously

A few weeks ago I was charging my media review loan Kia EV6 Air at bp Pulse Sydenham on the right hand side and wondered why the Polestar 2 that plugged in after me charging on the left hand side was getting a much slower charging speed.

By the way if you haven’t used a bp Pulse charger yet read my comprehensive Review: Australian bp Pulse and bp Evie electric car charging stations tested in NSW and VIC.

Now I know why thanks to a tip off from someone who works in the bp Pulse team and the tip is confirmed by a Tesla driver at the same charger location.

The tip is to always use the right hand side CCS plug if you visit a bp Pulse charging site that is Dual CCS and has a Tritium PKM charger.

If your EV is the only one plugged in you’ll get close to the full 75kW charge rate but if a second electric car connects on the right hand side you’ll still get a decent 50kW charge rate on the right side and they’ll only get a slow maximum 25kW charge rate on the left side.


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