Ampol AmpCharge app fixed to work on new Android phones

(Charging my media loan review Kia Niro EV at Ampol AmpCharge Pheasants Nest South)

Many Australian electric car drivers have had problems installing the Ampol AmpCharge app on relatively new Android phones despite nothing being wrong with their phone.

As you can see by the comments below a lot of EV drivers were not happy about this situation, especially if they arrived at an Ampol AmpCharge location with not much battery left and they desperately needed to charge their car.

Until a few days ago the Ampol AmpCharge app for Android hadn’t been updated since mid-2022.

Thankfully Ampol took the feedback on board and have released a refreshed version of their app as of December 2023.

A contact at Ampol AmpCharge told me they’ve now resolved the issue and the AmpCharge app is available to download for the latest version of Android.

I can confirm that it installs fine on my Pixel 8 Pro phone running Android 14, as you can see in the screen shots below.

If you had a payment method saved before in the Ampol AmpCharge app then you probably have to add it again like I did.

Reader Mark messaged me to say he had to manually clear app data and app cache to get the new Ampol AmpCharge app to work and he noticed some other differences:

  • No mention of Plug n Charge
  • No logins / account required


3 responses to “Ampol AmpCharge app fixed to work on new Android phones”

  1. conradwaterspritecomau

    Thank you for that update. I stopped at Pheasant’s Nest on 2 December and was most irritated to find the app wouldn’t work on my phone. Fortunately I had enough charge to get to my destination and there was a (working!) charging option nearby. I have just checked and confirmed that the new version does install and appears to work on my Motorola phone.

  2. Neerav Bhatt

    Glad to hear you weren’t stranded with a low battery Conrad and the app installs on your phone now

  3. Similar to above. Went to use one of Pheasent’s Nest Southbound chargers today and charging sessions were terminating instantly. The driver who pulled into the bay next to me appeared to be having similar problems, and they downloaded the app fresh. Long story short, bp pulse at Marulan Sth got a sale that Ampol lost, and I saved 9c/kWh for the same 75kw charging speed that I would have got anyway.

    It appears that EV charging functionality is going to be rolled into the regular Ampol app at some stage. This may not improve matters, but based on today’s performance it can’t make things worse.

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