Save 20% on Chargefox ultra fast electric car chargers: members of NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAC, RACT, RAA, AANT

Electric car owner and electric car renter members of NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAC, RACT, RAA and AANT can save 20% when recharging at many ChargeFox ultra fast 350kw or 50kW chargers.

Obviously there is a cost to joining these car clubs so you have to consider what they offer as member benefits vs what they charge you per year.

Members of these car clubs can enter their member number into the Chargefox app and then get a 20% discount at Chargefox fast 50 kW and 350 kW stations that are run directly by the company.

At present this means instead of being charged:

  • 60c/kW at a 350kW charger it would cost you 48c/kW
  • 40c/kW at a 50kW charger it would cost you 32c/kW

The first step is to enter your car club membership number into the Chargefox app on your phone. Some membership numbers are longer than the app will let you type so just type as many of the numbers as the app will let you do and then save.

If a ChargeFox location offers a discount it will clearly be shown in their app as you can see in the screenshots below. If there’s no 20% off discount logo the price is the same whether you’re a car club member or not.

After you’ve linked your car club membership in the Chargefox app you get the discount whether you start the charging process with the Chargefox app on your phone.

Or if you have an RFID card registered in the Chargefox app it’s even easier, just connect the cable to your car and tap the card on the charger when it prompts you to pay.

You can use the 20% discount as often as you like, provided you have successfully added your Member details to your profile on the Chargefox app.

All Chargefox ultra-rapid chargers are powered by 100% green power. In many cases they also add solar and batteries on site to facilitate charging via solar energy.


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