If You Were a Star Trek Character: Who Would You Be?

If I were a Star Trek character: I’d be Mr Spock from Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) or Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (DS9).

Like Spock and Odo I’m quite logical and a long term planner/thinker so I find many things that “humans” do quite illogical & fascinating

Which Star Trek Character would you be? (from any series: TOS, TNG, DS9 etc)

Mister Spock from Star Trek TOS - Logicphoto credit: Depletedcranium.com and Livefromroswell.com

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21 responses to “If You Were a Star Trek Character: Who Would You Be?”

  1. ZOMG! That is such a spookily accurate assessment. Calm, measured and thoughtful – that’s you. But I do think we’ve seen evidence of a warmer heart than Mr Spock.

    But on Star Trek is so unconsciously sexist that there are really no properly developed women characters.

    EDITOR: thx for the comment 🙂

    True im not quite as logical as Spock eg: he’d be “better” at customer service, I have too much empathy

    You wouldn’t consider Kira Nerys or Jadzia Dax strong developed female characters?

  2. But those female characters were in DS9 not original Star Trek. Definitely more interesting women characters in both DS9 & Voyager. I just did an online quiz for Voyager & came out as Kathryn Janeway.

    EDITOR: Interesting, she was the first female captain playing the leading role in a Star Trek series

  3. Captain kirk of course, make it so.

  4. Riker – the loyal badass

  5. I would be Spock, hands down, although I wouldn’t be overly disappointed to be Picard. But in college I decided to adopt some of the principles of logic to help me overcome a quick temper, and it worked wonders for me and my state of mind. This was before the days of TNG and the rest, which explains my Spock fascination.

  6. Well, as an Andorian since 1980, I’d have to vote for Shran of “Enterprise”. He was feisty but loyal to those who treated him fairly. A great role model. Had Season Five become a reality, Shran was going to join Archer’s crew.

  7. Mmm…..I’d want to be Kirk. The captain always gets the girl. 😉

  8. Oh, and Sky…”Make it so” is a Picard line – not a Kirk thing. 😀

  9. Kirk of course, he kicked ass. Sisko was not bad also…

  10. erm… why do I have to put a comment? anyway… A Star Trek Charrie site seems kewl to me, so why not try it, right?

  11. Kirk is the undisputed best captain! picard comes nowhere close. And I kno i sound nerdy saying that but so what…

  12. Kathryn Janeway, but i’am an fan of Bel-ana

  13. Anonymous

    Morn from DS9

    EDITOR: so you’re a very quiet type of person eh? 🙂

  14. I would be Uhura. The attractive Lt. She is my favourite character. She’s just AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  15. Mmmmm….i think would be Uhura,too. She is my favourite character,i can learn more things from her…

  16. If I could be any person from any Trek series, I would be 1. Spock, & 2. Data. I wish I was smart like them!

  17. If I could be any star trek character I would be Jadzia Dax. She’s strong, confident, beautiful, brilliant and she can use a bat’leth. She’s an inspiring character. But I also love Worf very much.

  18. i’m with molly Spock or Data both rock ass when it come to smart wolf another one i would be

  19. Spock or Jadzia Dax. They’re both super smart and they’re my favorite characters

  20. id be kirk or mayb odo or spock theyre my favorites

  21. No doubt about it either Q of the Continuum or (and preferred) Will Ryker, cuz he gets Deanna Troi…

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