Review: FlirONE Thermal Infrared Camera Phone Attachment

Attaching a FlirONE Thermal Infrared Camera to your mobile phone brings it one step closer to being a Star Trek Tricorder. In the example below I used the FlirONE to take a photo of my kettle while it was heating water.

FlirONE Thermal Camera Test photos

Energy efficiency and sustainability specialists Reduction Revolution lent me a FLIRONE thermal camera to attach to my Android phone and try it out at home and in my apartment block.

flir one features

The floor in one part of my apartment sometimes felt warm and was lifting a bit. Thanks to the FlirONE thermal camera I was able to confirm that when hot water was used in the adjoining bathroom, a hot water pipe in the wall was possibly leaking into the floor or wasn’t properly sealed to stop heat transferring out of it.

FlirONE Thermal Camera Test photos

I also used the FlirONE to figure which pipes in my apartment building basement were carrying hot water vs cold water.

FlirONE Thermal Camera Test photos

We probably shouldn’t leave things on top our washing machine because it gets quite warm during use.

FlirONE Thermal Camera Test photos

Similarly while vacuuming our Dyson gets really warm and so does the floor beneath it. Best not to leave it running in one place for a long time or let the side heat vent point at anything that can be heat damaged easily.

FlirONE Thermal Camera Test photos


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