Australian Hyundai Kona EV 2024: how much luggage, shopping fits in the boot and frunk? Plus included spare wheel revealed!

If you’re wondering how much boot and frunk storage space the Australian Kona EV Premium Extended Range 2024 model has, it’s listed as 407 litres cargo capacity VDA with back seats up plus a frunk. The boot and frunk capacity are the same regardless of which spec level you buy.

In comparison if you look at my luggage and shopping space test of the Hyundai Kona EV 2021 you’ll see it has much less boot storage space and no frunk either.

The powered boot lid of my media review loan car opened hatchback style to reveal the boot floor which handily has two adjustable levels allowing you to choose either a flat floor to easily slide items in or a deeper floor to fit more items.

As the Kona EV 2024 models are all front wheel drive you only get a small 27L frunk you can keep the included 10amp 230V charging cable in but that’s still much better than no frunk at all.

In total the Kona EV 2024 has 434 litres of storage in the boot + frunk compared to the Kona EV 2021 which had only 332 litres in the boot. That is a substantial improvement.

Under the boot floor there is a cargo net and an actual spare wheel!

This is extremely rare for an electric car. Big thumbs up to Hyundai for including this and showing a spare wheel can be included while still offering lots of boot space.

The temporary space saver wheel dimensions are 17 x 4.0J +30 and spare tyre dimensions are T135/90 D17 104M.

At the right and left of the boot there are cargo hooks. On the left there is a bit more room which is where I stashed my 7m Type 2 cable bag.

It was a tight fit but with the floor in the lower position I managed to fit in all my test luggage listed below and was still easily able to close the boot lid:

  • 2 x medium sized suitcases
  • 2 x carry on luggage
  • 2 x backpacks
  • 7m Type 2 to Type 2 cable in blue bag.

On another occasion going shopping at ALDI I easily fitted in all my shopping bags as well as my backpack and Rolser trolley.


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