Postcard from America: 2013 Desert Journey part 2 of 3

My next stop after San Diego was Kansas City, right in the middle of America’s heartland. Why Kansas City you may ask? It’s not exactly renowned as a popular place for tourists to visit.

We're Getting / Got Google Fiber

The purpose of my visit was to write about the Google Fiber synchronous Gigabit internet rollout in the twin cities of Kansas City Kansas and Kansas City Missouri.

Kansas City house "In God We Trust"

I was genuinely pleasantly surprised by how friendly and helpful everyone was, atheists and conservative Christians alike.

Kansas City Kansas Public Library

They made everything easy for me from the logistics of getting to and from the airport, getting a place to sleep and finding out enough information from community representatives in the library and the technology industry in order to write my stories.

Brandon Schatz - ‎Founder

I filed my stories with my editors at the ABC and News Ltd back home and they were published:

Tech & Games (ABC) – What the Americans do with fibre-based broadband

Business Spectator (News Ltd) – Postcards from Kansas: Google Fiber lessons for our NBN


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