I achieved 14.7kWh/100km in Polestar 2 single motor, can you get lower?

The Polestar 2 single motor model is rated to use 17.9kWh/100km but I managed to achieve 18% less @ 14.7kWh/100km. Let me know if you’ve done better!

14.7kWh is a consistent average from my recent 6 days hire of a Polestar 2 single motor electric car from Hertz Melbourne Airport to locations such as Ballarat, Aireys Inlet, Werribee and Yarra Glen.

The driving included motorways, suburban roads and country roads at varying speeds in rain and sun and while dodging dozens of potholes.

The statistic of kWh/100km measures how much of the battery capacity an electric car drains every 100km driven. The lower the number the further you can drive the car before recharging and the less you pay in recharge fees per 100 km driven.

The equivalent stat for a petrol car would be the litres of fossil fuel burnt per 100km.

According to some Australian Polestar 2 owners I asked:

  • Mickey – “That’s phenomenal. I have a light foot and I normally get around 16kWh/100. But I do a lot of 80 and 100km driving.
  • Luke – “Anything under 20 is good. 14 is really good”
  • Matt – “14.9 seems amazing ! Great economy. We’ve got a LRDM and can’t get below 21ish. That’s with a fair bit of highway driving at 110kmh though”
  • Elizabeth – ” I’m impressed – I think I’m ok and even on a good day I only ever make it to 17!!! But I’m in CQ so could blame the aircon!”
  • Bernie – “anything below 15.5, I would consider to be very good in SM. While I occasionally, get sub 15’s, my mixed driving average over 8000+ kms is 16.0.”


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