How to connect MG i-Smart app to Australian ZS EV electric car plus all features explained

Thanks to Jerry Pan an MG dealer in New Zealand for making the videos below which explain how to connect the MG iSmart app (iPhone, Android) to your car as well as detailing all the features.

Please note the MG i-Smart app will only work with Australian/NZ ZS EV 2022 models, not the Mark 1 2021 model.

I used the app quite often during my recent two week car loan for media review purposes, to run diagnostics eg: checking tire pressure, vehicle lock/unlock status, current charging speed and charging rate etc. You can also use it to lock/unlock your car from the app and remotely locate it.

In a separate article I have written an Australian ZS EV MG i-SMART app guide with details about the annual fee, SIM network and why over the air updates to the car aren’t possible.

One extra tip I’ll add is set the car to Sydney Timezone during binding. Otherwise it won’t work. This is a known bug for Australian ZS EV owners.

Checkout Jerry’s Youtube channel for lots more useful ZS EV videos that will help you decide whether to buy the car and best use it if you have bought it.


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