Good Car Co organising new and 2nd hand electric car bulk buy groups across Australia

If you want a city runabout electric car but have been put off by the price of EV’s in Australia you might want to checkout Tassie startup Good Car Company.

These three guys started off importing relatively new Japanese and British second hand electric vehicles with 80%+ battery life left and selling them at community bulk buy events.

Largely due to their successful salesmanship until recently there are more Nissan EV’s driving around Tasmania than there were Tesla’s.

More recently the Good Car team have been organising bulk buys of electric cars in other parts of Australia such as Geelong, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and more.

They’ve also expanded brands from just second hand Nissan Leaf models to organising bulk buy deals to get fleet pricing for new Hyundai electric cars.

While there are more affordable new electric cars available in Australia now eg the MG ZS EV and BYD Atto 3 with pricing in the mid 40K mark, it’s good to see there are alternative ways to get either a cheap second hand city runabout EV or new EV at a fleet price rather than retail.


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