Spotlight on Quality Blogs: Tom Fishburne (Marketoonist)

Today’s spotlight is on Marketoonist by Tom Fishburne.

The blogs I spotlight are selected because they deserve more exposure and have a common attribute of owners who “Tell it like it is”. Like me they have strong opinions and are not afraid to publicise them even if they’re challenging the status quo.


Tom Fishburne found his love at the age of 11: he wanted to be a cartoonist. But that dream got put on hold. Decades later he quit his job and started doing what he loved doing for a living. His cartoons have grown by word of mouth to reach 100,000 business readers each week and have been featured by the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Forbes, and the New York Times.

I like his cartoons because they are so insightful, distilling important points about marketing, the modern workplace, ideas, creativity and innovation into a clear visual message.

Some of my favourites cartoons by Tom are displayed below:

Organisations often get involved with social media without considering why they’re doing it, which platforms are most appropriate etc
social media strategy

Crisis management often results in an organisation/person saying “we’re sorry you were offended” … which is not an apology at all
crisis management

When working in marketing/ad agencies the “brief” of what is required for a task is often literally far too brief. Perhaps these managers assume creative staff have telepathic skills?
creative brief

Many PR companies use carpet bombing press releases as a common method to communicate. Others actually send information that is contextually relevant to that specific journalist/blogger and their readers/listeners/viewers. Guess which method is more effective?
carpet bombing press releases

How Tom Fishburne Became A Marketoonist

I strongly urge you to subscribe to Marketoonist by Tom Fishburne

The Internet is like panning for gold in a stream, you’ll find a lot more dross (worthless, commonplace, or trivial matter) than gold nuggets. That’s why I’m asking for your help – please suggest quality sites for me to spotlight in the future, in the comments area of this article


2 responses to “Spotlight on Quality Blogs: Tom Fishburne (Marketoonist)”

  1. Greg Edwards

    If you’re interested in incisive (but a little nerdy) cartoons, try xkcd.
    There are many others but I think xkcd still has the lead.

    EDITOR: Excellent point Greg, I’m also a fan of XKCD

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