Photo Highlights – Brief Glimpse of Bali Indonesia

After spending 48 hours in Darwin, I was a guest of Air Asia on a very brief tour of Bali. Air Asia is a Malaysian owned Airline that has a fleet of Airbus A320 jets covering South East Asia and has won the Skytrax award for Worlds Best Low-Cost Airline in 2009, 2010 and 2011. In Mid 2011 Air Asia agreed to purchase 200 more Airbus A320neo jets which the BBC reported is the “largest single order of commercial aircraft in history”.

Sunrise during Air Asia flight to Bali Indonesia from Darwin Northern Territory

Bali Airport – Entry/Exit Fees/Taxes

Do not let porters at the airport wearing grey/blue shirts wheel your luggage. They will want payment before they give the luggage back.

The first thing you have to do at Bali’s Denpasar International Airport is to pay a $US25 entry visa. You can pay in Australian dollars upon arrival in Indonesia and they will give you change at a good rate if you pay them with a $50 or $100 Australian note.

You’ll get a far better currency conversion rate at money changers located at Bali Airport than you will at the Travelex foreign exchange booth at Darwin Airport

$US25 Airport Arrival Visa Tax Bali Indonesia

On departure you need to pay 150,000 Rupiah exactly in local currency before you can fly home. I suggest using the 28 Degrees Credit Card whenever overseas to save on bank fees and get a good foreign exchange rate.

150000 Rupiah Passenger Service Charge (Airport Departure Tax) - Bali Indonesia

Accommodation and General Advice

The heat, humidity and smells of Asia signal that you’re in a very different part of the world even though the flight from Darwin only takes about 2 and a half hours. The sun is harsh so sunscreen a hat and drinking *lots* of water is a must. I don’t generally like buying bottled water because it is so wasteful but don’t drink the Bali tap water which tastes horrible and might give you “Bali belly”.

Different Indonesian islands/regions can have very different cultures and languages although Bahasa is the common over arching language spoken by everyone. Ma Ca Si is slang for thank you.

It must be said that unfortunately the tropical weather and affordable prices offered by Bali attracts a certain kind of Australian, namely “Bogan” in droves. Stay away from Kuta, Legian and parts of Seminyak frequented by these people if you’re the kind of traveller who is polite to locals, wants to learn their culture, view the scenery and not just get smashed drinking the local beer.

Places like Nusa Dua or Ubud are far better places to visit and it’s not just me saying that. An article in the Jakarta Globe newspaper addressed this exact topic just a few days ago:

“To give you a quick rundown, in Australia the term bogan denotes an individual who comes from a lower class of society with limited education. The term is usually used in a pejorative manner in daily conversation. The bogan is similar to America’s redneck”

“The image of Bali as Indonesia’s main tourist attraction soon lost its appeal as I strolled the streets of Legian-Kuta. It was as if I was back in Melbourne’s outer suburbs, like Dandenong or Chadstone. There were the tribes of bogan males everywhere sporting the ubiquitous Bintang singlets, shorts and thongs with tattoos covering their pale, hairy arms.”
Jakarta Globe

Oasis Beach Benoa Hotel Bali Indonesia

I was a guest of Oasis Beach Benoa Hotel but unfortunately as the trip was so short (about 36 hours) I didn’t really get to use any of it’s facilities.


If you arrive/depart Bali on the weekend you’ll be less affected by the road traffic which can be quite congested.

While it might seem fun to ride a scooter or motorbike it is really unsafe as accidents occur often and road rules are treated as an option to follow or not.

Scooters/Motorbikes are a popular form of transport for local Balinese because they can’t afford cars. It is common to see families of mum+dad+child on one scooter as you can see below and also mobile shops cunningly designed to fit around the scooter. Poorer entrepreneurial Balinese work as “Jockeys”, hiring themselves out to sit in someones car so it qualifies to drive in faster lanes meant to reduce congestion.

People travelling on Scooters & Motorbikes - Bali Indonesia

People travelling on Scooters & Motorbikes - Bali Indonesia

Food & Religion

The Hindu religion is prominent in Bali. A large proportion of people’s income and time is spent on ceremonies. Ceremonial offerings can be seen everywhere outside shops and homes and in vehicles. Tanah Lot (land on the sea) built in the 11th century and extended in 16th century is one of the 6 main temples in Bali.

Offerings for God. Tanah Lot Temple - Bali Indonesia

Rice is the staple food in Bali and subsistence farming is a common occupation. A temple dedicated to the goddess of agriculture on the edge of the rice field is placed there by the farmer to help the crop succeed.

Panorama Traditional Terraced Rice Field - Bali Indonesia

Beach Bars

Ku De Ta beach bar and the Potato Head Beach Club are popular places for Australians and other Western tourists to relax.

The Potato Head Beach Club has a unique look with a facade of 18th century teak shutters collected from across the Indonesia.

Unique Window Shutter Walls and Ceilings Facade - Potato Head Beach Club Bali Indonesia

Potato Head Beach Club Bali Indonesia

Ku De Ta has live DJ’s playing Chillout music (my favourite). You can can listen to Ku De Ta radio syndicated on some days in Australia via the KOFFEE digital/online radio station.

Sunset at Ku De Ta beach bar - Bali Indonesia

Ku De Ta radio DJ at beach bar - Bali Indonesia

Batik – Local Souvenir

My recommendation for a good quality local souvenir is a Batik scarf or other clothing. Batik is a cloth that traditionally uses a manual wax-resist dyeing technique.

Batik Silk Painting - Bali Indonesia

Batik Silk Painting - Bali Indonesia

Photo Highlights – Brief Glimpse of Bali Indonesia

Some of my Bali highlights photos have been displayed in this article but you can view all of them here or in a slideshow below:

Bali Indonesia Photo Highlights

DISCLAIMER: Almost all expenses for this trip were covered by Air Asia and it was organised by Bali Plus who arranged for a great guide called Sedana. I have full editorial control over the topics I want to write about on this trip and what I say.


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  1. Bali is just Awesome place to visit as I have heard and read lot about it specially about bars and clubs.

    Let see when I get chance to visit Bali.

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    That scouter with all the stuff that they are selling I couldn’t imagine driving that down the road just neat. thanks from

  3. Jessic Will

    While it might seem fun to ride a scooter or motorbike in Asia it is really unsafe as accidents occur often and road rules are treated as an option to follow or not. Also travel insurance will usually not cover any injuries if you drove without a licence

  4. Bali is great. I visited it last year.

  5. Bali is an Indonesian island surrounded by Indian and Pacific Ocean. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the earth. If you want to enjoy the culture and friendly, laid back environment of this island then book your cheap flight to Bali. Many airlines provide cheap flights to Bali these days.

  6. I am from the Philippines and Indonesia is only 3 hour flight away. I am now packing my bags and Bali Here I come. Thanks for post because without it this I can’t discover the beauty of Bali.

  7. I got divorced in Thailand two months ago and have been trying to find a destination to regroup and rediscover myself. After reading this post, I think Bali would be a great place to do this. However, I have friends that have been there that didn’t enjoy it for various reasons while others think it’s an amazing place. I’d like to hear thoughts from you and other readers about going to Bali to pick up the pieces. I need to go somewhere beautiful and peaceful. It has to be a place where I can have a light social life but also get away from people and have ample time to myself. I definitely want to go outside of Thailand to get myself together again. Thank you for this information about Bali, and for all of the other great travel stories and tips that you provide on your blog.

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