Australia’s most energy efficient fridge – Hisense HR6BMFF519B is 6 Energy Star

If you’re looking to buy a new fridge you might have noticed that all the fridges have an Energy Star rating out of 6.

The newly released Hisense HR6BMFF519B has managed to achieve an astounding 6 Energy Star rating according to the government Energy Ratings website.

Today on June 1st 2020 the HR6BMFF519B is the highest energy star rated fridge ever on sale in Australia. To give you an idea what the star rating actually means, if you have a 20-30 year old fridge of a similar capacity, replacing it could easily save you a $100/year or more in electricity bills and keep your food fresher for longer.

How does the Hisense HR6BMFF519B achieve 6 Energy Star Rating?

In an effort to combat rising household bills, the Black Steel 519L Bottom Mount Refrigerator is equipped with a sophisticated range of technologies that work cohesively to optimise efficiency, helping Australians to save both energy and money.

Inverter – Hisense’s Inverter Motor Technology ensures a more stable temperature inside the fridge, by continually measuring the conditions and managing the output accordingly, while the Multi Air-Flow Cooling feature evenly distributes air, resulting in a temperature consistency that helps keep food fresher for longer.

Vacuum Insulation – Combined with Hisense’s vacuum insulation panels and a re-imagined internal structure, the fridge achieves a significantly lower energy consumption than competitive offerings, which helps to extend the life of the appliance. Its discrete fan and in-built compressor system also help to maintain peace and quiet in the kitchen.

Smart separately controlled compartments – The fridge is powered by a central control system that provides optimal storage of goods in separately set, controlled and displayed refrigerator and freezer compartments.

Notably, Hisense’s Super Cool and Super Freeze options deliver rapid and intense cooling performance. At the touch of a button, Super Cool quickly chills food and drinks, while Super Freeze quickly lowers the freezer temperature for quick storage of frozen items during summer months.

What Affects Fridge Power Use

According to energy efficiency specialists Reduction Revolution the actual energy consumption of your home fridge or freezer will depend on many factors. These include:

  1. Size. Anything with a larger volume, such as side by side fridges, use more electricity.
  2. Location. If the fridge is in a warm position, or poorly ventilated, it will use more power.
  3. Season. All refrigerators use more power in summer than in winter as the ambient temperature is higher.
  4. Usage. If the fridge door is opened frequently or held open, the compressor will need to work harder to keep things cool. Also, an empty fridge may need to work harder than a reasonably-stocked fridge because more ‘cool air’ is replaced with ‘warm air’ each time the door is opened.
  5. Temperature set point. The factory setting may keep the fridge cooler than is needed in your home.
  6. Age. Old refrigerators are usually less energy efficient than new high star rated fridges.
  7. Condition. If the seals are in poor condition, your fridge will be less efficient.


The exterior features a recessed handle and reversible door, which can be adapted to open from the right or left based on the user’s unique kitchen design and preferences. This sleek, pure flat design is a great idea so handles don’t get caught on your clothing as you walk past.

My only other design comment is that a black fridge may not suit everyone’s Kitchen or home colour scheme, it’s a shame it isn’t also available in a silver stainless steel finish as well.

Hisense says the HR6BMFF519B has large easy-glide drawers which allow you to make the most of fridge and freezer space, while scratch resistant, multi-level shelves offer a stylish interior design.

While it was launched with a recommended retail price of $1,899 the HR6BMFF519B current street retail price is $1,699.

If you need a smaller cheaper fridge that still has excellent energy efficiency the 2019 model Hisense HR6BMFF453B  has a 453 litre capacity and is the most energy efficient fridge of it’s size category with a 5.5 Energy Star rating.

When launching the Black Steel 519L Bottom Mount Refrigerator HR6BMFF453B Hisense’s Head of Marketing, Andre Iannuzzi, said:

“As one of life’s essentials, owning a fridge that is optimised for efficiency can help Australians save money in the long term – particularly at a time when we are spending more time at home and quality food storage solutions are critical. Being one of the most efficient models on the market, our 6-Star Energy Rated fridge uses industry-leading technologies to deliver an exceptional, high quality product that Australians can rely on. We are incredibly proud of it.”

“Our consumer research shows green is well and truly the new black, with demand for energy efficient appliances continuing to sky-rocket. After launching our 5.5 Star Energy Rated fridge last year (HR6BMFF453B ), we are very pleased to be introducing Australians to yet another impressive, eco-friendly fridge – the Black Steel 519L Bottom Mount Refrigerator.”

You can learn more about the Black Steel 519L Bottom Mount Refrigerator, including information on retailers and stockists at the Hisense Australia website.


7 responses to “Australia’s most energy efficient fridge – Hisense HR6BMFF519B is 6 Energy Star”

  1. Carmelina Aquilia

    Is this the HR6BMFF519B available in silver or white and what is the price. Thanks. Carmelina

  2. One of the consumer told me don’t buy hisense product they are not durable at all
    He purchased TV and in year it has totaly gone. Means it didn’t last even year .
    May becstar rating as u say is high but what about reliability and durability of product?

  3. We bought this elegant looking fridge just prior to Christmas 2020 and love it! The cooling is even throughout the fridge, the crisper has added longevity to fruit and veg, and there is heaps of storage space. It is whisper quiet. Glass shelves allow me to see everything at a glance, and are easy to clean. Extremely happy with our purchase.

  4. Neerav Bhatt

    Glad to hear it’s worked well for you Glen

  5. Neerav Bhatt

    Hisense Australia have a really great warranty

    My Hisense TV had issues recently and they sent a service person to our house within 2 days to replace a part for free

  6. Neerav Bhatt

    Black Steel finish only unfortunately

    We’d prefer a stainless steel look for our home

    The price at retailers is about $1400-$1500

  7. Giovanni Galante

    Does the fridge comes in other finishes like stainless, and also can the door be interchangeable to open opposite directions

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