Winners and Losers from Fast Rising Australian Dollar

australia one dollar coin
Many Australians are taking advantage of the rising $AUS against the $US to go online shopping or book a holiday to the USA. However Australian businesses selling goods and services overseas which are paid for in $US are unhappy as their income continues to fall.

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4 Replies to “Winners and Losers from Fast Rising Australian Dollar”

  1. One thing for sure, we are all living in difficult financial times… Interesting read!

  2. This is absolutely right, it is the same thing that has been happening in the U.S. for years. Consumers have benefited from cheap imports while jobs were shipped over seas. Eventually though it will catch up to Australia, as it has the US, because currencies can’t appreciate forever.

  3. Watch for commodities prices to fall though with a corresponding drop for the AUS dollar. China has to stop buying soon…

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