Win a Prize by Writing Helpful Blog Comments

I’ve been considering how I can show that I really value the helpful and informative comments made on my blog by readers.

Gift Box
“Gift Box” credit: lemon_drop

Every now and then I’m given free products to write reviews about.

I decided the best way to reward blog readers who write helpful and informative comments was to give them these reviewed products or a Gift Certificate as a prize 🙂

  1. The 2nd winner is Beth from USA who has made over a dozen useful comments in the last few months 🙂 Beth has won a US$25 gift from of her choice.

  2. The 1st winner was Gerri from Victoria, Australia. On January 5th 2008 Gerri wrote a comment suggesting that I listen to the “This Week In Tech (TWiT)” podcast.

    TWiT is now my favourite podcast, it’s funny and informative and I look forward to listening to it every Monday.

    For her helpful comment Gerri has won the Coby 2GB MP3 and Video Player I recently reviewed.

    I told Gerri she’d won a prize and posted the MP3 Player to her and she told me that Australia Post delivered it a few days ago.

I’ve got several other products ready to give away as prizes in the next few months. Who knows if you write a comment that I think contains useful information, tips or advice you could be the next winner!

15 Replies to “Win a Prize by Writing Helpful Blog Comments”

  1. Lovely idea. You’re killing two birds with a stone. Draw the readers, and keep your comments interesting.
    Lovely. Hope I win something someday.

  2. Now there is a bit of good marketing if I ever saw it, and seeing as how you are giving away products that uou obtained freely is an added bonus. Way to go mate.

    EDITOR: thanks but you’re going to have to write a more detailed comment than that to be in the running for the next round of prizes 🙂

  3. No worries, I am just warming up, waiting for the right post. I didn’t realize that comments on this particular post was included. I suppose that just goes to show that one should never miss an opportunity. Unfortunately this particular post does not lend itself to lengthy comment. 😉

  4. Wow, what a wonderful idea. Course, I’m betting two things; one, that you make a pretty good income from your blog so you can do that, and two, it’s probably a deal only good for Australians, which leaves us Americans out of the loop. 🙂

    Still, it’s a great idea, and though I’m not making what you are, I need to think about give-aways for my blog; maybe that’ll help increase visitors and comments, right? Thanks for the idea.

    EDITOR: Actually anyone who lives somewhere I can send parcels via the post office is eligible

  5. Wonderful; then I’ll be making sure to write wonderful and thought provoking posts in the future; thanks again.

  6. haha good one neerav- bribe people to leave comments- might try that one.
    give me a prize nneeeerrrraaaavvv…..

    EDITOR: LOL at sarah 🙂

    I’m still amazed at how quickly the mention of $$$ or free stuff encourages people to participate

    Seriously though … the comment has to be really be really great to be in the running and that judgement is in the eye of the beholder (me)

  7. What’s so great about this idea is it is so simple and easy! I think you may have effectively combated the problem of comment quality — and you have increased blog traffic and interaction as well. You also draw more attention to your reviews, because people would naturally want to read about what they can win. Good stuff.

  8. Why not go one further and let the best commentator write a guestpost with a link back to their blog. That would be an incentive to write informative comments.

  9. good idea! the commentary is so significant for a blog’s foundation, now you set great prize for you authors leaving comments, it’s both-winning thing!

  10. Wow!! What a great idea. This will for sure increase your visitors to your blog! I will be telling my friends about this! They will be v interested. Thanks for sharing.

  11. @ nick. i think they already have plugins like this for many blog platforms… I don’t this one is running on wordpress, but for wordpress there is one called “Top Commentors”. It puts a link on the home page to the top ten commentors over a set amount of time… I’ve found that it can help bring back readers and give them a friendly link if they have their own site!

  12. This is absolutely a great idea and a very nice “thank you” to readers who comment. I won a $25 gift card, and I was so surprised and excited! Neerav placed my order immediately and it arrived within a few business days. Everyone keep up the great comments….you could be the next winner!

  13. I find that providing free stuff is becoming quite a regular practice by many places for many different reasons. I recently bought a large, quite pricey book for my step-daughter regarding the ‘teenage’ years.

    Upon reading the inside comment by the author she does make a thankyou to all the people that sent her website questions or issues they wanted discussing to be mentioned in the book. If people hadn’t of made these comments/questions, then I think the author would have been one less on her personal book count.

    It further begs the question – can I become a modern author of a ‘how to’ book just by getting my own website, but not necessarily requiring any experience, medical or otherwise, to justify it? And how many authors are actually doing this?

    What did the contributors get out of this? Well, it appears they got their name printed after the comments they suggested in this now published book. If you would do it for something as small as that, then yeah, a book voucher or a gift card is a step up, in my opinion.

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