Web Essentials 2004 – Day 1 Summary

Amit has beaten me to posting a summary of events for WE04 Day 1 with several entries at Karmakars.com.

I personally found the 3 D’s of CSS most useful 🙂

  • Dan Cederholm – whose book I won in a promotion run by John Allsopp for early WE04 registrations. I’ve already found a few useful tips while reading it on the train home.
  • Dave Shea – of CSS Zen Garden fame.
  • Doug Bowman – who showcased a lot of neat yet simple CSS tips

2 Replies to “Web Essentials 2004 – Day 1 Summary”

  1. 🙂 It was an extremely eventful day. Really can’t thank the core people at WE04 for doing so much to bring about this awareness. How can we ever thank them! John Allsopp and Bruce Maguire’s presentation was very moving!

  2. You got a Cederholm book, Neerav, you lucky son of a gun 🙂
    I suppose if I could have gotten my butt in there earlier I would have stood a chance… I’ll just have to front-up the cash for one (or get work to pay for it).

    I’m still to write up my WE04 Day 2 wrap-up. No doubt you guys will beat me to it…

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