Watch Inspektor Herring Special Episode – Shaun Micallefs Newstopia (SBS TV)

If you didn’t watch the Inspektor Herring Special Episode of Shaun Micallef’s Newstopia in my opinion you missed the best comedy program on Australian TV in 2008

Inspektor Herring Special Episode - Shaun Micallef's Newstopia
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Preview: Policeman Fyodor (Shaun Micallef) is shocked when his long dead partner Comrade Beluga (Nicholas Bell) turns up alive and brainwashed by the KGB; a post-hypnotic order to kill planted deep in his brain.

Fyodor is in a race against time to stop his old friend from becoming an assassin. And who is the target? Natasha his nymphomaniac wife (Kat Stewart), The President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev himself or visiting violinist, André Rieu (Shaun Micallef) ?


NEWStopia’s ‘Inspektor Herring’ episode was a jewel in the crown. Watching Shaun Micallef, Kat Stewart and Nicholas Bell murmur Russian gibberish for the entire episode (complete with yellow SBS subtitles) was inspiring stuff.

How they managed to make Melbourne look like a Perestroika Russia was a stroke of genius. South Melbourne Town Hall as the Bolshoi Ballet? The Palais Theatre for interiors? Housing commission flats as … housing commission Moscow? Fantastic!

This mystery episode with spies, fish, ballerinas and Andre Rieu was unlike anything commercial television would ever go near
– David Knox –

Inspektor Herring. What an episode!!!! It’s enough to make you believe in television again – deanoss from Champagne Comedy forum

Absolutely. It was fabulous. I’d love it if SBS commissioned a whole series of it, I’d watch it religiously – kat-rant from Champagne Comedy forum

bwahahaha, Shaun Micallef devoted an entire episode of Newstopia to Inspektor Herring. Brilliant – @_gnosis on Twitter

Inspektor herring is excellent. If SBS don’t commission a series, they have lost a viewer… And a television studio! Mwahahahaha – @mister_peterman on Twitter

What a funny coincidence…. for Brisbane people, while Andre Rieu’s scene was on Newstopia, the real Andre Rieu was performing at Suncorp Stadium … If only art imitated life hahaha – reader Matt F

Inspektor Herring was outstanding. Gives you just that little bit of hope that somewhere out there, there are Australian entertainers willing to make television that doesn’t conform and is worth a watch. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what television can be. Congrats Shaun and the whole NEWStopia team. (Nice to see one T. Martin make an appearance too. Albeit far too briefly) – reader “Dean”

a special commendation to visual effects from Scott Zero of Chroma Media for transforming Melbourne into Russia, and adding breath, snow and explosions! – reader “Peter”

Watch the Inspektor Herring Special Episode (3 parts on Youtube)

See if you can spot one of the supporting actors from ABC TV series “The Hollowmen”, a cameo role by Tony Martin and the reference to science fiction cult classic film “Bladerunner”

Watch on Youtube: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (25minutes total)

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